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What is a Technocrane?

A Technocrane is one of the most unique, complicated, and amazing pieces of gear this industry has to offer. It is incredibly versatile, and when put in the hands of an experienced and creative crew, can create some of the most breathtaking shots ever made. If you couldn’t tell, it is personally one of my favourite cinematic tools out there. Soon you’ll know why! If you’re one of the few people on this planet that owns and wants to rent a Technocrane, be sure to check out our Rentals section.

What Is A Technocrane?

Well, put simply, it’s a crane that can extend and shrink it’s arm on command. That fact alone can bring a wide range of new possibilities to the table. Combine that with having the techno on a dolly track or the back of a vehicle, increases your range astronomically. Plus, combine that with a remote head that allows your operator to have complete control, your possibilities are now endless. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s a quick video that shows some of these pieces in action.

I’ll admit, not the best video but it does give you a little insight into what this machine even looks like. If you want to see more videos, a quick search on YouTube will garner plenty for you to view.

Sounds Great! What's the Downside?

Price. It is a very expensive piece of machinery. Few projects can even get one for a couple days let alone a whole shoot (but a daily technocrane is a good way to know that you’re on a big budget show). Renting isn’t the only pricey point, even though that will set you back thousands of dollars a day. There’s the transportation, insurance, damages, and specialized crew. In that video above there are 6 crew members, on camera, that are being used to help operate the techno. If it’s on a remote head (which it most likely is) that’s at least one, maybe two more people. That brings our total to 8 crew members needed for that one shot. Now to be fair, not every one of these people are specialized specifically for technocranes but still, that’s a ton of manpower. All you no-budget shoots might have to wait until your next production to be able to get one of these. But if you can afford it, get it and hold onto it for as long as you can.

Further Learning

If this quick overview of a technocrane has you thirsty for more knowledge, check out this video.

Want to learn even more? Check out Skillshare for a ton of great filmmaking courses! Plus, get 2 months on the house.

Technocrane or TechNOcrane?

Have you ever used or been around a techno before? Tell us your experience!

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