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About Us

About Us

In short, our mission is to help advance your career in film, for free! We’re filmmakers, just like you, and we know the hardships of having a career in this industry. That’s why we wanted to create a free platform for the community to use, grow their circle, educate themselves, and gain experience.  We do so by implementing a variety of services that are listed below. If you want to take full advantage of what we offer, consider joining our mailing list via the form in the footer!

Job Board

Our job board is free for all to use; you don’t even need an account! Filmmakers can post about their projects, the crew/cast they need to complete it, what their compensation is, etc. Cast and crew can browse through local job postings for the right job and quickly apply! We send all posts that are local to you directly to your email inbox every Sunday. The jobs listed here are either posted directly on our site or are sourced from other employment sites for your convenience. Applications may link to other websites.


We have three directories that you can browse or join for free; Cast List, Crew List, and Production Company List. Our search and filter feature makes it easy to find the right people for your production. If you want to be listed on these directories, it is a quick and easy process. Creating an account with us will give you a personalized profile page for you to provide useful information to your would-be employers. This includes; contact information, rates, demo reels, bio, headshots, etc.


In film, you’re going to need some resources to help you succeed. No matter what aspect of film you’re interested in, we have resources that will help you. And since you’re a FilmLocal member, you get exclusive incentives to each! Our resources include gear, editing tools, education, film festivals, and more.


We also have a section for any film-related rentals other than equipment! If you have any locations, props, set decorations, carts, etc. that you’d like to rent. This is the place.

Workshops & Events

We host a variety of workshops and events each month to promote learning and networking throughout the industry. Come and join us!


Learning is crucial in this industry, and reading an article a day can boost your knowledge. Check out this section for in-depth gear reviews, industry tips, and anything else to help give you an edge!

Film Promotion

Our Local Films section is where local filmmakers can submit an article about their project to be posted on FilmLocal. This is entirely free and can be seen by the tens of thousands of filmmakers that use our site!


Get work notifications, local event invites and in-depth film industry articles.