Affiliate Program

Earn $8 for every new customer you refer to FilmLocal

Why is our affiliate program one of the best?

Most programs give you a percentage of what the person you refer buys, we give you a flat rate for getting free trial sign-ups. To compare this directly, many programs offer 2 – 5% of the sale, meaning your referral would potentially have to spend $400 to match our rate. I’ll be the first to say, it’s much easier to convince someone to sign up for a free trial rather than to spend $400.

How It Works

Join and get your unique link!

After you join our affiliate program, you will receive a customizable unique link that can be placed on any platform you use. You will have access to a personal dashboard to track your earnings and payouts.

Share and promote your link

Share your unique link on YouTube, your blog, website, social media, email, or even text. Anywhere you and your followers interact! Our program places a 30-day tracking cookie on any visitor who clicks your link. That means if someone leaves and comes back to the site later to sign up, it will still be credited to you!

Earn when they sign up

Our standard commission is $8 anytime someone signs up for a Key Membership subscription. This includes our free trial. There is no maximum limit, you can earn as much as possible. We do monthly payouts via PayPal.

Program Features

$8 Commission

The commission for each referral is $8 for every new Key Member subscriber referred. Including free trial sign ups. Selling something that's free and getting $8? This is a tough program to beat!

30-Day Tracking Cookie

We use Cookies to track your referrals - these last 30 days. Any sign-ups that take place during that period will be credited to you! If they click again, the 30 days restarts.

Marketing Materials

We provide logos, widgets, images, and more for you to use to share with your audience. This will help you promote FilmLocal and optimize your results.

Personal Support

Someone will always be available to provide support for any inquiries you may have regarding our affiliate program. We're dedicated to your success!


You will be the first to know about any promotions that we're having. That way, you can prepare and maximize your results!


Opportunities for co-marketing in our blog, emails, and social media can help you grow your audience.

Who Are
Our Partners?


Have a YouTube or Vimeo channel? Earn more from your followers by offering them exclusive access to something of value. If you have subscribers in any creative field (including social media), this might be a great fit!

Podcast Hosts

Do you host a podcast that's based around the film industry? Tell your listeners about FilmLocal and let your custom link do the rest!

Film Educators

If you're teaching others how to become filmmakers, FilmLocal just makes it that much easier for them to get started.

Filmmaking Blogs

Blogs and media sites such as gear catalogues, tips, training, film review, etc. make up a large part of our partner community.

Cast & Crew

We also love to partner with cast and crew! You don't even need a huge audience. If you've been on a film set, you're bound to know a few people who'd be interested in what we have to offer.

Affiliate FAQs

You will be promoting our upgraded Key Membership accounts. If someone you refer signs up to any of the subscription periods (including the free trial) you get paid!

Yes, you will need either a free or Key Member account with us.  If you’re not yet a member, please sign up before applying!

Anyone who has an audience in line with FilmLocal is eligible. Even if you don’t have a huge following but are a passionate filmmaker or work on film sets we encourage you to apply!

For every one of your referrals that signs up for our Key Member subscription, you get $8! This includes when they sign up for the free trial.

We do a monthly payout to your PayPal account. If you don’t have one, you will need to make one before you can be paid.

Nope! It’s completely free.


If you are having troubles with the form you can email your submission directly to