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How to Increase the Production Value of Your Next Film

How to Increase the Production Value of Your Next Film

I would travel down to hell and wrestle a film from the devil if it was necessary.

-Werner Herzog

This article will give you valuable tips that can increase your production value without the need to break the bank. It’s time to show you five ways to increase production value without having to hire Roger Deakins. I mean, if you can you definitely should!

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Let’s get right into it! I’m sure you have no time to waste, you are making a film after all. 

Music is often the last part of post-production. Independent filmmakers tend to give music very little thought and settle for the cheapest royalty-free tracks that they can find online, which can prove difficult. Many Hollywood filmmakers like to pick out the score before even going to picture. Quentin Tarantino and James Gunn come to mind for this. However, the right music track can make your film come alive better than any dialogue or lighting (think of those director’s film catalogue). Because of its ability to set the emotional tone for a scene, I believe that sound is responsible for half of the viewing experience.

Here is a great online music source that we recommend.Trust me, it is worth your time to search for music that enhances the quality and fits the style of your film. 


Action. No, not telling people to start acting, but actual on-screen action.

A screen with action creates an engaging image. Action does not necessarily refer to violent fighting, car chases, or explosions. It can be any kind of movement that is displayed on the screen. You might see two people talking at a table, which is probably the most popular scene on television or in movies. Imagine if they were sipping coffee. This adds some excitement to the scene. Perhaps one of the characters is reading a magazine. You can add more action to a scene by casting extra actors who will walk in the background. This will show that the characters are not in an intimate space, but in a busy area. Your film will have a higher production value if you fill the frame with action.

Costume Design

When it comes to independent work, costume design is often overlooked. Always consider the clothes your characters will wear and pay attention to the colors. Do the clothes look worn, new, or raggy? Are they brightly colored, or darkly colored? Do they wear a tee-shirt, collared shirt or dress? Do these aspects match the look of your film and how you want to present the character? The clothing you actor wears can speak volumes and create icons. There are many ways to show your character’s style or attitude in your film. Costume design is a key factor in making or breaking a film’s credibility. Your production value will be increased if you pay attention to every detail, no matter how small!

Hair and Makeup

The actors have more creative control when they have a hairdresser and makeup artist on set. This allows actors to concentrate on the emotion of the scene and not alter their appearance. Although no human being can be flawless, makeup, lighting and camera work can make actors look almost perfect. Makeup can also hide the film lighting effects that cause shine to an actor’s skin. It can be used to enhance beauty, but it can also remove it. You can add bruising or wounds if necessary to liven up certain characters. Again, adding more value to your production and helping your audience get completely enthralled in what you are making.


Your cast can’t be changed by any amount of makeup, costumes, or awesome action. A huge issue that independent filmmakers often face is their limited ability to access talent, particularly if they are just starting. They don’t have the experience or knowledge to find talent, I mean, you could just check out our Cast List You have to be able to work with the resources you have as a filmmaker, we have plenty of those as well. While not every film will be realistic, the film must be plausible within its own boundaries. For example, while flashy fighting styles and kung fu moves are acceptable in certain films the same combat styles would be absurd in others. Casting is the most important factor in determining believability. Your production value will rise if every actor is a good fit for their role.

Ready to Make Your Film?

I hope these tips will help you with your next production! Again, there is no detail that you should ever overlook in filmmaking. Taking your time and making sure everything is exactly how you want it is how you will become successful.

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