14 Must Have Filmmaking Apps

It’s time to join the technological revolution and get some filmmaking apps! There’s no reason to continue making your film career that much more difficult without these to give you a helping hand. Below we have listed 14 apps that we think are essential to have. There are both paid and free apps below, but all of them are worth the price! We’ve organized them from free to most expensive.

Price: Free

Not a professional screenwriter but still want to write a script that’s formatted properly? Well, Celtx is the app for you! This app will help you format your script properly and easily anywhere you are. Plus, it has some other formatting options that aren’t film specific.

If you enjoy Celtx Script they do offer other free filmmaking apps for storyboarding, call sheets, and more.

Price: Free

If you don’t have a slate on your production then I highly recommend this app. Digital Clapper will make sure that you have no problems syncing your sound with your video when you get to the post-production phase.

Price: Free

The godfather of all filmmaking apps, iMovie. I’d be incredibly surprised if you’ve never heard of this app before. It may not be the most in-depth editing tool but it is easy to use and offers a basic range of editing functions.

Price: Free

This app is perfect for aspect ratio references, a glossary of film terms, a list of film processing locations, and more!

Price: $9.99

As we mentioned in a past article, you need to get releases as soon as possible. Make your life easier by having this app handy. It has a template for a release form that you can create, customize, and get signatures with.

Price: $9.99

You need this app if you’re shooting outside. The amount of times it has come in handy for me while on location is ridiculous. It provides you with exactly what the sun is doing throughout your day, anywhere you are. By this I mean when it’s at its peak, the exact time it rises and sets, and much more. Utilize this to get the perfect Magic Hour shot for your next project.

Price: $9.99

Doing a ton of VFX in your next film? Get this. It will help ensure that your green screen it lit properly.

Price: $13.99

Just as the name implies, Shot Lister manages your shot lists, storyboard, shooting days, and the schedule as a whole. Perfect for any AD.

Price: $14.99

Turn your smart phone into the most convenient piece of cinematic gear it can be. This app will allow you to shoot the highest quality video that your phone can muster. All while giving you control over focus, exposure, shutter speed, and white balance. Some additional features include slow motion and time-lapse mode.

Price: $16.99

Similar to FiLMiC Pro, this app includes features such as a host of audio, color, exposure, focus, bitrate, and resolution controls, all customizable. Check out both of these great filmmaking apps and decide which you prefer!

Price: $24.99

Turn your phone into a light meter with this app. Measure both color and exposure while also being able to adjust other settings to match your camera exactly.

Price: $29.99

Take a picture and see just how simple changes to your camera will change the image. You can simulate different lenses, focal lengths, and camera formats.

Price: $29.99

Another, more advanced, slating app. It goes beyond just aiding to sync sound with video. It can record production information, log notes, create daily shot reports, and works in conjunction with top-of-the-line editing software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. One of top filmmaking apps.

Price: $29.99

Easily calculate depth of field, exposure, lighting needs, field of view, and much, much more with this app.

Any other filmmaking apps?

If you’ve got the scoop on other filmmaking apps that you believe are essential to have, share them below!

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