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We Were Young | Crime Drama Feature Film | Lakeland, FL

Young, up and coming filmmaker, Joshua Outing, is in the process of financing his first feature film, We Were Young.

Joshua Outing is the award-winning Writer and Director of We Were Young. Along with New York based producing partner, JayNemar Smith.

We Were Young is a character driven crime drama about three friends searching for acceptance, meaning, and purpose in the midst of their millennial angst. Inspired by acclaimed films such as La Haine, The Breakfast Club, Set it Off, and The Place Beyond the Pines, the film will be shot entirely in Central Florida (Lakeland, Orlando, Ocala, and Tampa).

The stars of the movie are William Perry, Sharlee Taylor, and Mateo D’Amato. William Perry is known for his work on the web series, Ghosts of Fort Greene. Sharlee Taylor is a graduate from the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University known for her self-produced web series, The Sharlee/Shawnee Show. Mateo D’Amato isa New York based actor known for his work on Jessica Jones, The Furies Inside Me, and Green Brothers.

To finance the film, the team is using IndieGoGo to raise funds. IndieGoGo has been a prominent platform for many entrepreneurs and young filmmakers, allowing them both to raise funds and build a community around their projects. We Were Young is steadily growing its audience on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition, the film has already garnered around $3,000 in early donations. However look out for their official crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo starting May 1st.

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