Through the Night | Horror Thriller Short Film | Los Angeles, CA

SYNOPSIS: After Weston loses his lover to a wide spread infection, he closes himself off in his apartment hoping to never feel loss again. He is forced to face his demons once an infected stranger shows up at his door.

Through the Night takes a very familiar horror genre like a zombie apocalypse and treats it like it is a natural disaster; much like hurricane Katrina or even the Flint Michigan water crisis, any time a disaster strikes there is always a group that is left behind and forgotten. Through the Night explores this world and brings a strong humanity along with genuine scares to suck you into its gripping fantasy.

THE BEGINNING: Writer and Director: Mason Greer moved to Los Angeles in September of 2016 to pursue his career in acting and filmmaking. After finding his collaborating partner and director of photography (Dante Yore)  it was off to the races. With Dante’s already established team and the amazing additions added through professional connections, Through the Night had it’s crew that would go on to become close friends.

RESTRICTIONS: Budget is a concern for every production and really set a limit for Through the Night’s extremely modest $1600 total Budget. This didn’t stop the team from pushing boundaries however. “When you’re creating a story and a world for your audience, an apocalypse type of world, the location you pick is very important,” -Mason Greer (Talks With Tritton Interview). Mason and Dante spent months looking for the right place before landing on a beautiful loft in the Los Angeles Arts District. It would then come down to a lot of favors from friends who loved and believed in the project for it to finally come to life.


THE RESULT: The end result has placed Through the Night in nearly a dozen film festivals across the United States, Canada and Australia. Through the Night is prepping to be featured in a horror anthology series set to release early in 2019. This project is the first film for Mason Greer since he moved to Los Angeles and marks the first collaboration with Director of Photography, Dante Yore. This hopefully marks just the beginning for Through the Night’s adventure as a feature script has been written and is in the process of looking for backing.


Meet the Cast!


Aimee Stolte
Bryan Theodore
Joey Snyder-Kloos
Jacob Betts
Written and Directed by MASON GREER
Director of Photography DANTE YORE


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