The Puppeteer | Crime Thriller Short Film | Budapest, SG

Once a victim of manipulation, I understood the real effects and consequences of it. Feelings were meddled in the process and I made ill-advised decisions as a result. This impacted me to a great level and how I view people and the world today.

I have always wanted to intrigue my audience with a powerful story. So it became obvious to me on the subject matter to work on. I wanted the narrative to be in a dramatic fashion with a compelling story. As part of my graduation film, the primary focus was to create an engaging thriller with a smart plot. I designed the story with a co-writer, a freelancer and graduate from the National Film and Television School. I am a huge fan of Christopher Nolan, specifically with the way he tells his stories. His films inspire me to make engaging stories, which is why I believe this film will intrigue my audience to a great level.

The aim was to film it in London, however that changed after meeting my line producer who brought the project over to Budapest, Hungary. It was shot entirely over there in a span of 5 packed days. Post Production was done in London at a production company called Blue Fox Productions.

Synopsis: Gabriel, a painter finds out that his ex girlfriend Jodi, committed suicide. He discovers a doll on her grave which reminds him of his hidden past. He goes on to investigate her death and finds out that Jodi last visited Keira, her psychologist. He pays her a visit.

Filming began on 27th November 2018 and ended on 1st December 2018. Initially the edit was supposed to be done in Budapest as well. But unfortunately the communication barrier took a toll on the quality. Therefore the project was taken back to London, where the edit was completed. Post Production ended on 2nd March 2018. The project was fortunate to have talented crew members on board. Some notable names include award winners Zita Teby (actress), Neil Myers (Music Composer) and the experienced Janos Csaki (Sound) who has worked on multiple Hollywood productions.


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