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TBD | Horror Crime Drama Experimental Short Film | Grundy Centre, IA

From Director Josey Davis of Barking Vans Productions, the idea was conceived when the debut short film of Josey’s began filming without a title, the only place older on the script being “TBD”. From that point, an idea was made for the short film and it was rushed into production.

This short film, presented to you by entertainment companies Barking Vans, 5 Guys in a Film Class, and Internet Bay, was produced by Mike Barkhoff and Ashtun O’Rourke, who also showrun the web series “Chapters.” as a team. “TBD” will be the series fifth episode out of sixth, following major hits for the entertainment bulk in the likings of “$pree”, “b&w”, and more.

Josey Davis returned to run camera and costume designs, as well as being Director and holding first position as Writer, with Mike Barkhoff Starting and having a credit as Co-Writer. Makeup work and Assistant Editing both fall under Ashtun O’Rourke.

The film, and it’s major placeholder concept, was to have multiple stories formed into one landscape and told coherently. What came out of it was a seven page script that follows a Writer who, in the midst of searching for his next novel’s plot, lives the stories out one by one with him as the main character. The short film ended up about six minutes, and has been actively promoted leading up to it’s official release set for April 27th worldwide on Barking Vans.

Though there has been no word on a second season order of Chapters, the series has seen an overt amount of positive reviews and watch time numbers that have ranked in major favor in comparison to previous efforts from the film company. Beyond doubt, there will be a sixth entry in the web series acting as a finale of sorts, however it remains to be seen if it will be the last one we see or simply a holding cell before we see new material.

“TBD” comes fresh off the heals for Ashtun O’Rourke, who has started in plenty lately on the channel and has celebrated her own sophomore effort, “$pree”‘s success, currently the second highest viewed video on the channel, and for Mike Barkhoff, who’s new short film, “Ready Or Not” has collected it’s own round of reviews and kicked into motion Horror Fest Volume 2, which will arrive in October. All this comes two days after the trailer for “INFINITE.”, the entertainment outlet’s first feature film Starring, Written and Directed by Barkhoff, was released on Wednesday, April 25th.

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