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FRAGILE! HANDLE WITH CARE | Experimental, Drama | New York

FRAGILE! HANDLE WITH CARE | Experimental, Drama | New York 2

“FRAGILE! Handle with care” is a unique movie shot in New York that’s different from the usual dramas. Directed and written by Kareem Jrab, it tells the story of people stuck in bad habits and how they deal with it. It’s a story about people who find peace despite feeling hopeless and numb.

The main characters are Sircee, Noa, Jana, Sage, and Kareem. The movie focuses on a few key things. First, there’s Sircee trying to clean herself up by digesting soap and fixing her inner wounds with white glue. Her backstory is that she passed through a traumatic relationship which led her to be in a fragile state, trying to fix herself up by speeding the healing journey to avoid being single again.

Then, there’s Sage, who’s jealous of Jana’s happiness and tries to ruin it. Sage represents the version of us who feels hopeless and wanting to reach the good phase in life so bad but tends to remain stuck. She is letting her true colors show by acting aggressive against Jana’s happiness. We tend to feel that way sometimes when it comes to where we are in life, we are happy for people’s accomplishments but our negativity gets the best out of us and forces us to act out.

Lastly, Noa and Kareem seem okay with their messed-up relationship, even though they both know it’s not healthy. Noa is the dominant in the relationship, calling all the shots and leading the relationship since Kareem failed to do so. Kareem accepted to be treated in that manner due to unhealthy previous relationships. Both Noa and Kareem have messed up backgrounds which forced them to be okay with treating one another in that manner. 

What’s cool about this movie is how it’s filmed. You see three different things happening at once in the same constant shot. It’s like you’re watching from three angles all at once. This makes the story more interesting and gives the audience different perspectives on what’s going on. “FRAGILE! Handle with care” was a hit at the New York Film Academy and got a standing ovation for its unique storytelling and bold visuals. Plus, it marked the start of Kareem’s journey into experimental filmmaking. Overall, this movie makes you think about tough situations and how people cope with them. It’s not your typical movie, but it’s worth watching if you want something different and out of the box.


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