Scorez | Action Short Film | London, ENG

Scorez is a short three-part film about a group of three friends. Madderz, Diz & D, they are just like every other group of friends who grew up in the hood they smoke, they get in to fights and they love to talk about girl’s. however, on this day things goes horribly wrong. D gets the boys to chill in the car and wait for him while he goes to “lick a shot” but when he goes to meet his link everything isn’t what it seems which leaves Madders and Diz in a complex situation where they have to make 10,000 pounds to save their friends life. How are they going to make that kind of money? Madderz has a idea how, but is that the best idea?  Madderz knows a lot of people, a lot of very powerful and dangerous people, like he’s old boss, Farda. Farda is a big drug lord who can easily give the boys the money but puts a deal on the table, a simple delivery job, but the name Farda gave sparks up some fear. They have to go see one of the most ruthless gang members in east London and tell him that he needs to pay double! Madderz and Diz know this will not go down well, but what other choice do they have? They need to save their friend and they are willing to take this risk if it can help. But the deal does not go to plan, they knew it wouldn’t but something even worse happened that Madders couldn’t even imagine.

Walk With Walker Limited is an established media production company that operates from East London. Our company is set up by a group of young people wanting to make a difference in the entertainment industry. Our company is called Walk With because we understand that there are loads of ambitious people who have great ideas, but just need the right help, guidance and motivation. Our goal is to offer that extra support. We encourage our clients to believe that they can achieve their dreams no matter how big or small. Walk With focuses on creating high quality videos and services for our audiences. From music videos and photography to short films. We let our creativity control every project.

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