PLUNDER | Crime Thriller Short Film | North Hollywood, CA

Max just lost his mother, and the Franchise Tax Board of California just stole a large sum of that inheritance via his bank account. Sometimes an eye for an eye just isn’t enough. This is PLUNDER.

American actor, Chris Kapcia, is very proud to have finally released his writing/directorial debut short film, PLUNDER, which stars himself, Melissa Mars, and James Kacey. It was originally produced for a company he is involved with called Some Assembly Required, which is based here in Los Angeles. The concept is essentially picking an idea from a hat, and writing a short film about said idea. Specifically, for PLUNDER, Chris drew: “Taxation being theft.” Seeing as how that is a loaded subject, he didn’t want to create a story that would be overly political, or predictable, because we already see enough of those, he says. So, Chris decided to, after some research, choose the subject of the death tax. He believed it was pretty relatable to the audiences that would watch this, because most of us have heard of the inheritance tax, or better known as the death tax. Chris had a month to write a 5-7 minute film, then had another month to make it. PLUNDER had its soft screening in March of 2017, and made its official premiere at The California International Shorts Festival in December 2017. It will also be screening at The Silicon Beach Film Festival on April 27, 2018 in the 6 PM slot. Tickets can be purchased here:

Chris is an actor first, but has really grown to enjoy the writing process, and being able to produce quality projects. “There are often too many films that we’ve seen over, and over again, that become mundane for audiences.” He wants to continue to create original works in hopes to push his agenda to tell a good story, whether it be real, or fictional. And to have his audience walk out of the theater having something to discuss with their friends/family, or even a stranger. To alter their perception of art, and turn it into a memorable experience is just one of his goals. “Film is forever, and we, as artist’s, have a responsibility to maintain high quality work for the future to come.”

If you’re interested in keeping up with what Chris is up to, please feel free to follow him on IG: Chris_Kapcia, or visit his website: If you share the same vision as he does, don’t hesitate to reach out to him. He is always looking to collaborate with other like-minded, hardworking artists.


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