eSACHERe | Music Documentary Film | Prague/London, CZ/UK

Music documentary film eSACHERe features Czech cellist František Brikcius, who is presenting music by top 12 contemporary composers (C. Beck, L. Berio, P. Boulez, B. Britten, H. Dutilleux, W. Fortner, A. Ginastera, C. Halffter, H. W. Henze, H. Holliger, K. Huber and W. Lutoslawski) and explaining, why they are all using the Sacher hexachord (Es, …

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CRASH | Horror Short Film | Wilmington, NC

A successful, middle-aged banker loses his entire fortune overnight during the 1929 stock market crash, yet his family, particularly his two adopted young children, show him no sympathy or support, as they yearn for the one thing their priviledged lives never had—-Love.

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