Vancouver Actors Report 2020

Vancouver Actors Report 2020

Over the past few months, local actress Sarah Tolle surveyed actors with questions about being an actor in Vancouver with the goal to use our collective experience to get real, useful information about industry standards, common practices, and the day-to-day life of being an actor in Vancouver.  

The results are in—you can read the illustrated Vancouver Actors Report 2020 on her blog, summarizing data on local actors’ auditions, work, career satisfaction, earnings, training, and opinions.
Some interesting takeaways:

  • Vancouver actors rated “Relationships” and “Thick skin” as the most important things for an actor to succeed (both tied at 21% of the vote).
  • A combined 63% of actors in Vancouver do 2 or fewer auditions per month.
  • Reported annual earnings ranged from $0 to $140,000, with full-time actors earning about $33,000 and part-timers bringing in an average of $6,000.
  • “Uncertainty” topped the charts as the hardest part of being an actor (22% of responses).
  • 3x more actors reported feeling “very happy” compared to feeling “very successful” in their careers.
Have a read of the full report, share with people who’d find it useful, and if you can, participate in the survey for next year’s report!

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