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Filmustage – Automatic AI-Driven Web Service

Filmustage - Automatic AI-Driven Web Service

How to mark up a 100-pages script in 3

minutes? FILMUSTAGE automatic

AI-driven web-service will help

Filmustage’s automatic ai-driven web-service uses neural networks to speed up script breakdown routine from weeks to minutes

December 15th, 2020. Filmustage is excited to announce the public release of their automatic breakdown tool. Our goal is to help professionals reduce manual work with the power of modern text processing technology. Every video project starts with a piece of paper: the script or screenplay. Nowadays professionals have to manually go word by word and scene by scene and basically write down or copy-paste all the necessary information, like props, costumes, information about characters, descriptions of locations, sound and visual FX and so on. They use spreadsheets, google documents or some basic specialized software for that.

In Filmustage we believe that all the manual work could be successfully done by computer. Our approach is somewhat simple: we pre-trained out powerful neural networks on hundreds of existing well-formatted scripts, and now we can successfully extract all the important information out of the text. Just sign-up for free at, upload your .fdx or .pdf file and get a beautifully formatted and broken down script in a matter of minutes instead of days of hectic and not very pleasant work.

What’s even better about our tool, you can instantly export the result into spreadsheets, .pdf documents or industry-standard software such as Movie Magic Scheduling (yes, everybody loves it since 1987). So it’s dead simple: upload, process by AI, fix and edit necessary parts (the result could be up to 99% accurate, it will be better with the matter of time), and continue to work in your preferred way. The choice is yours.

“We are excited to help our customers do less paperwork and more art,’’ said Egor Dubrovsky, CEO at Filmustage, Inc., “we’re really proud of our web service, we use cutting-edge technologies and aim to deliver the best possible experience.”

“I was skeptical at first until I decided to try Filmustage. I am seriously impressed with the results and I thought to share this with my colleagues.’’ said Martin Manuel Nuza, Executive Producer, “That the script is finished this amazing software will do the breakdown, which I already have for my new “A Cannibal Mind” movie, that has won the February 2020 “Best Feature Script” and “Best Original Story” AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, and it’s excellent. So, Filmustage does cut down on costs and time considerably!”

Sign up for free at, upload your script, get it broken down for free and play with our features. You are also able to export up to 10 scenes to your preferred format free of charge!



1. How can I start using Filmustage automatic breakdown?

Go to, go to Sign Up, create an account and upload the script. Simple!

2. How long does it take to process the script?

It depends on the length of the source. Usually 2-3 minutes of 100 paged file.

3. What can I do with the result?

After a breakdown is rendered, you can go through the result, perfectly divided into scenes with all the important data highlighted. You can then fix mistakes if any.

4. Which categories are supported?

We are able to recognize CAST, EXTRAS, CAST INFO, PROPS, LOCATIONS, COSTUMES, MAKEUP, VEHICLES, STUNTS, EFFECTS, ANIMALS, SOUNDS out of the box. As well as INT/EXT and daytime of the scene.

5. What if I need something else?

You can just create your own category and mark down the necessary stuff manually.

6. Can I make notes somewhere?

Yes, there’s a note box on the right side of your script area.

7. What if I need to find something?

In the text area, you can use just standard browser look-up. But if you need to find some particular object (or tag how we call it), you can start typing in the area above of the list of scenes and instantly find the location of something special.

8. What is Summary?

Summary is a great tool to quickly examine the content of your script. All the objects and instances are in one place. Just click “Summary” in the editor area. You can switch between Single Scene mode and Full Script mode.

9. What next can I do with my script?

Finally, when you find all the necessary stuff, you can export the result into spreadsheets, pdf or Movie Magic Scheduling. We provide this functionality for up to 10 scenes free of charge.


Internal FAQs

1. What will customers like most about Filmustage?

Customers will like the increase in efficiency it gives them, coupled with the general delight in removing the most redundant parts of breaking down the script manually, as they basically do nowadays.

2. What will customers like least about Filmustage?

The industry is somewhat conservative with the new tools. Also, there’s certain disbelief towards machine learning and text processing, if it’s really capable of doing the same work. The accuracy of the predictions might be an issue sometimes. In a matter of time, we will be able to fine-tune the engine to get better results.

3. What are the privacy concerns with this product?

We assume that the script will contain copyrighted information and that this information can be contained in the Machine Learning models that are predicting someone’s text.

4. How do we compare to our competitors?

Our biggest competitor, StudioBinder, already has established ecosystems for industry professionals. Also, they offer script breakdown performed manually by hired professionals. We offer a comparable quality with the option to fix and edit the result at a far cheaper price and almost instantly. Also, we added export to Movie Magic Scheduling – de facto industry standard. This is very important for people to be able to work in a standardized environment.

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