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Best Affiliate Programs for Filmmakers

13 Best Affiliate Programs for Filmmakers In 2024

We don’t make movies to make more money, we make money to make more movies.

-Walt Disney

It's time to earn some extra money with the best affiliate programs for filmmakers!

Jumping into the filmmaking scene as an affiliate and promoting products or services related to filmmaking could be a great way to make some serious cash. But the trick is finding the best affiliate programs for filmmakers to promote. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up the top affiliate programs for filmmakers and provided all the details you need to pick the perfect ones.

Top Affiliate Programs for Filmmakers:

These are in no specific order but it’s a mix of education, gear, an awesome film community site (us), and more. I suggest using one of these quick links right off the bat if you’re already familiar with affiliate programs in general as we’re about to go into some history about them:

What Is An Affiliate Program?

We’re taking a step back from affiliate programs for filmmakers to explain what they are in general, is a marketing arrangement where a business rewards affiliates for bringing customers or visitors to their website through the affiliate’s marketing efforts. In this setup, the affiliate promotes the products or services of the business through various channels such as websites, social media, email marketing, or other digital platforms.

Here’s how it typically works:

1. Joining the Program: Affiliates sign up for the affiliate program provided by the business. This usually involves filling out an application form and agreeing to the terms and conditions set by the business.

Our Program: We offer free application and easy-to-navigate terms and conditions.

2. Receiving Unique Links or Codes: Upon approval, affiliates are given unique tracking links or codes that they can use to promote the products or services. These links or codes are crucial as they track the traffic and sales generated by each affiliate.

Our Program: In our case we offer Direct Link Tracking from your site so that you don’t have to deal with annoying links all the time!

3. Promotion: Affiliates promote the products or services through various marketing channels. This can include writing blog posts, creating videos, sharing on social media, email marketing, etc. The key is to drive traffic to the business’s website using their affiliate links.

Our Program: Our favourite is that you can embed our job board onto your site to use for promotion. This combined with the Direct Link Tracking that we mentioned earlier makes an incredibly powerful tool!

4. Earning Commissions: When a customer clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase or completes a desired action (such as signing up for a service), the affiliate earns a commission. The commission structure varies from program to program but is often based on a percentage of the sale or a fixed amount per action.

Our Program: You get a recurring 50% commission on anyone and everyone that you refer to our Key Membership, and you keep earning for as long as they stay subscribed.

5. Tracking and Payment: The affiliate program typically provides tools for tracking clicks, sales, and commissions earned by each affiliate. Payments are usually made on a regular basis, such as monthly, and can be through various methods such as direct deposit, PayPal, or check.

Our Program: We have plenty of analytics available in your Affiliate Dashboard. We offer monthly payouts through PayPal.


Affiliate programs benefit both the business and the affiliate:

For Businesses: Affiliate programs are a cost-effective way to reach a broader audience and increase sales without the upfront costs of traditional advertising. They only pay for actual results, making it a low-risk marketing strategy.

For Affiliates: Affiliates can earn passive income by promoting products or services that align with their audience’s interests. They don’t need to create their own products or handle customer service, as these aspects are taken care of by the business.

Overall, affiliate programs foster mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses and affiliates, driving sales and revenue for both parties involved.

Now, onto out top 13 affiliate programs for filmmakers that we love!

Sorry, but we had to shout ourselves out first as we are very proud of our program and the value that it can bring to you with minimal effort. FilmLocal is an online filmmaking community that helps you connect with other local filmmakers through our messaging system, discover awesome filmmaking resources, find work near and far, and promote yourself and get discovered through our Cast and Crew Lists! We also boast some useful educational aspects such as our Filmmaking Articles and our Virtual Workshops. But let’s get to the part that you care about most:

Why is do we think ours is one of the best affiliate programs for filmmakers?

We give you a recurring commission! Keep earning from your referrals until they cancel their Key Membership. We have various subscription lengths, and you’ll get 50% of whatever your referral ends up choosing, forever. Plus to make this even more passive, we give you an embeddable job board with direct linking to make getting referrals a breeze! Gone are the days of dealing with annoying links constantly. 

50% Commission – 30 Day Window – $50 Minimum Payout

Dreamstime has grown into a worldwide marketplace for stock photos, serving 47 million users. It’s a go-to platform for high-quality images, illustrations, and videos used by creative pros and businesses alike. With a vast library covering everything from marketing visuals to stunning landscapes, Dreamstime is a go-to for anyone needing top-notch visuals for their projects. It’s a great way to earn some extra money by promoting these sought after pieces of media. Everyone needs stock photos and videos!

10% Commission – 30 Day Window – $100 Minimum Payout

Adorama has been around for more than 40 years, offering a wide range of cameras, lenses, lighting gear, tripods, audio equipment, and accessories. They’re all about providing top-notch products and top-notch customer service.

They’ve got cameras from big brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm, along with loads of lenses and lens accessories like filters and lens hoods.

When it comes to lighting gear, whether you’re shooting in a studio or on location, Adorama has you covered. And they also offer a bunch of audio gear like microphones, mixers, and recorders. Basically, they’re your one-stop shop for everything you need for filmmaking and video production.

As an affiliate, you can earn commissions through your own referral links and get support from a dedicated affiliate team. All of this explains why this is on our list of best affiliate programs for filmmakers.

2% Commission – 30 Day Window – $50 Minimum Payout

Run by a group of passionate filmmakers, Film Gear offers high-quality lighting equipment at affordable prices for top-notch production. Starting out as a rental shop in Hong Kong, the company has grown into a global supplier serving rental houses, industry pros, and sound stages. Their gear has been featured in over 250 films. Give them a shot and help a production find great gear at reasonable prices. Plus earning a little on the side doesn’t hurt either. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find the perfect rental site for your next production here too.

5% Commission – Unknown – $100 Minimum Payout

Filmmakers Academy was founded by a group of experienced filmmakers who noticed that traditional filmmaking training institutes were expensive and time-consuming, making them inaccessible to many. To address this issue, they created Filmmakers Academy, offering affordable and easily accessible online tutorials, courses, and resources. The founders are passionate about helping individuals develop their skills and achieve their creative goals. 

Commission-based affiliate programs for filmmakers are great and that’s what Filmmakers Academy offers. Nothing feels better than helping a fellow filmmaking educate themselves, and this is a platform that will help them do just that!

15% Commission – 30 Day Window – $50 Minimum Payout


I’m sure you’ve heard of these guys before, so may as well start getting paid by them too! At B&H Photo and Video, you’ll find an online store packed with all sorts of photography and videography gear, from cameras and lenses to lighting, drones, and audio equipment, sourced from hundreds of international brands.

Their website is super easy to use, with detailed product info and customer reviews to help you decide what to buy. Plus, they’ve got a customer service team ready to help you out if you have any questions.

Share your favorite products with your audience, you can sign up and start earning commissions. B&H is a must when looking for affiliate programs for filmmakers.

2 – 8% Commission – Unknown – $100 Minimum Payout

WonderShare is a tech company that offers a bunch of products and services. One of their main products is Filmora, which is video editing software loved for its easy-to-use interface that helps users make pro-level videos effortlessly. 

Video editing is such a huge part of the world now that earning commission by promoting an excellent video editing software like this should be a breeze! Plus their high commission rate is nothing to fret about. Start earning that glorious passive income with Wondershare.

30 – 50% Commission – 90 Day Window – $50 Minimum Payout

Editing software for affiliate programs for filmmakers

Are you a writer wanting to make some cash from your website or blog? Well, look no further than the Final Draft affiliate program! They’re a big deal in the writing world, and they offer a sweet deal where you can earn money by promoting their products. Whether you’re into screenwriting, playwriting, or novel-writing, Final Draft’s affiliate program is a cool way to earn some extra dough while introducing your audience to a trusted resource.

As a writer, you know the importance of having top-notch tools, and Final Draft is the go-to software for screenwriters everywhere. So, teaming up with their affiliate program means you get to cash in while recommending a trusted brand to your audience. 

Seeing as this is the first and only screenwriting software based affiliate program it would be a smart idea to hope on this sooner rather than later. It’s always good to diversify which parts of the industry you cater to so that your net can reach the most people possible, and in turn, earn you the most amount of passive income as possible! When looking for affiliate programs for filmmakers, you should definitely have one for screenwriters.

10% Commission – 30 Day Window – $50 Minimum Payout

CreativeLive, a major player in the video world, has an awesome affiliate program perfect for content creators and influencers who love all things creative. They’ve got a ton of online classes taught by top-notch experts covering photography, design, music, and more, so there’s something for everyone.

With loads of cool courses to pick from and high conversion rates, it’s a great way for video enthusiasts to make some extra cash while spreading the love for creativity. Having a couple education sites is a great way to earn commissions. You can cherrypick online classes from each of them and show your visitors the best ones that cater to them the most.

20% Commission – 30 Day Window – $50 Minimum Payout

Lensrentals, based in the US, is your go-to online spot for renting photography, videography, and lighting gear. What makes Lensrentals stand out is their dedication to top-notch quality and customer service. Their crew of experts makes sure each piece of gear is thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure you get compatible and fully functional equipment on time.

On top of their regular offerings, Lensrentals offers cool programs like Lenscap, Lenscap+, HD Subscription Shipping, and Keeper. They’re all about supporting photographers and videographers at any skill level with great gear and help when you need it. 

The commission may seem low, but when you take the amount of money a production could spend on gear rentals for their shoot into consideration your earnings can add up quick!

5% Commission – 30 Day Window – $25 Minimum Payout

FilmProposals is an online hub that’s all about helping independent filmmakers and producers with the stuff they need to succeed.

They’ve got business plan templates designed especially for indie filmmakers, covering everything from production to marketing and distribution, and you can customize them to fit your project. FilmProposals also gives you tips on how to raise funds for your film, whether it’s through investors or crowdfunding.

Plus, they offer lots of production resources like schedules, budget templates, and legal contracts to help you manage your project smoothly from start to finish. No one wants to come up with all these templates and legal jargon themselves. Let this online hub do it for them! They’ll be thanking you after you refer them to this site. The commission is great too! This makes them one of the best affiliate programs for filmmakers.

40% Commission – 180 Day Window – $50 Minimum Payout

Filmtools has got a massive online store stocked with camera accessories, lighting gear, audio equipment, grip gear, and more.

And hey, they’ve got your back with production support gear like carts and cases, along with all the essential supplies like tapes, gels, and wardrobe stuff that pros in the film, TV, and video industry rely on.

Need help setting up your studio? Filmtools offers custom installation services too. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information on this affiliate program, but I’m sure it’s similar to other online gear websites. They keep everything pretty tight knit at Filmtools but I think it’s still worth trying to get in on their affiliate program to see what it has to offer! You never know, if could just be the perfect program for you.


Filmmaking Stuff is a go-to hub for indie filmmakers aiming to bring their projects to life. This is why they’ve made one of the top affiliate programs for filmmakers. They’ve got a bunch of resources like articles, podcasts, and online courses covering everything from writing scripts to getting funding and distribution. They’re all about showing indie filmmakers how to make money in the industry, offering tips on networking, marketing, and growing an audience.

With their easy-to-follow guides and focus on the business side of filmmaking, Filmmaking Stuff gives filmmakers the tools they need to succeed in this tough business. This is a great way to help both new and veteran filmmaking gain more knowledge about the industry! 

50% Commission – Unknown – $50 Minimum Payout

Ready To Get Passive?

I hope some of these affiliate programs for filmmakers sound worth checking out to you! Finding a way to earn additional income is never a bad idea and these are 13 of the best for people like us. Again, I encourage you to check out our Affiliate Program in detail. You won’t regret it! 

While we’re at it, you should check out more of FilmLocal! We have plenty of resources, cast and crew, and job opportunities. Not to mention a ton more useful articles. Create your free FilmLocal account today and give your career the boost it deserves! And as always, if you ever have any questions about anything related to this article or our site in general, feel free to Contact us! We are proud of our customer service and will get back to you as soon as we can. We plan to update this as often as we can to continue to give you the best affiliate programs for filmmakers!

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