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Before and After Breakdown | Occupational Hazard: The Short Film

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In this video, the viewer is shown a complete breakdown of all the visual effects shots used in the short film Occupational Hazard. The different types of shots and compositing techniques which were used as a green screen to mimic the movement of a car. The reason we did this was because it saved so much time on set, all we had to do was film someone sitting in a static car rather than having a shaky shot which would have not been up to our standard. 

We then went with the planar tracker to composite the news report and the notification of the husband phoning. This was done on a TV screen, phone screen, as well as a computer screen. This proved easier to do because to get the right timing while filming would have taken too much time. We did an RGB distortion for a dreamlike effect to show one of the characters memories and to show her remembering them. We also had to create a news report which shows the dangers of what’s going on. We began first with filming the shot of the car and then went on to creating the composition from the name of the news broadcaster to the colours animating and the headlines/sub-headlines. The reason for creating this was I didn’t have to create any exposition or have a narration of someone telling the viewer about the murders/ killings happening over the town. We believed that visual storytelling is more encapsulating rather than just having it said as a voice-over. By using this technique we also aren’t spoon feeding the audience but we are giving them enough so they can try and figure it out for themselves. This helps audience to feel more engaged in the film by making them feel part of the feel and putting them in the shoes of our main actress. 

A quick synopsis of the film: It is centred around a female character who is living in a urban city and is working at a top law firm. She has just received a promotion at her work for all of the hard work, it’s all sweet up until this moment. Amongst all of this there are murders going on which is making her city dangerous and causing a lot of worry in the town and especially her own husband. 

Khaleel Tayob – Visual effects artist 

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