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Scene Study for Actors | Virtual Workshop | November 27, 2021

Scene Study for Actors

Virtual Workshop


How to Do a Scene Study for Actors


Al’s expertise in the performing arts, and experience as an actor, filmmaker and screenwriter has helped Al develop a deep personal approach to the craft of creating a character.

Our exploration works on a basis of truth coming from the inside out.  You will acquire a clear set of tools that will support your choices and immediately appear at your first rehearsals. These tools will consist of: finding your personal compelling essence, the transition moment in the scene, your personalized objective, dressing the class structure and putting your characters secrets out there for the audition.

Each four week session you will receive your assigned scenes with a partner from the class five days before the session begins.  Each scene will get approximately thirty minutes of coaching. Each week will have a different focus on preparing the scene. 

Week 1: given circumstances/script analysis and connecting with your scene partner.

Week 2: improvisation, objectives, and as ifs.

Week 3: on line Zoom blocking, props, costume rehearsal

Week 4: Final pass of scene.    

Please set up your Zoom location (proper lighting, sound, and room to move). Come to the class prepared for a scene study atmosphere. 

We will dig deeper by exploring character through script analysis, character objective, actions, personalization, concentration, listening, characterizations, and improvisations on the road to discovering your unique and personal craft. 

Space is limited to 6 students.
If you’re interested in this workshop, register before the available spots fill up!

Instructor: Al Bernstein

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Al’s style of coaching has been developed over twenty-five-years of studying, working in the film, theatre, and television industry in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. He received his Masters of Fine Arts from the Actors Studio Drama School program in New York City.

He studied intensively with some of New York’s top coaches in: scene study, voice, speech, , dialects, Stanislavski, Adler, Hagen, Meisner, & Strasberg Methods, Classics, Period and Style and independent workshops covering Dreamwork, Personalization, Improvisation, Affective Memory, the Private Moment, plus many more. He attended the Craft Seminars from the award-winning television show Inside the Actors Studio Bravo in which Al attended intimate lectures from some of film and theatres greats like Robert DeNiro, Susan Sarandon, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Jack Lemmon, Anthony Hopkins, Steven Spielberg. He worked in Off Off Broadway and Off Broadway, independent theatre companies performing, training, teaching, and producing.

He recently returned to Toronto from living in Los Angeles and New York City for twenty-five years. His award-winning short film Walled IN, was selected into fourteen film festivals around the world. Today, Al works as an actor, writer, filmmaker, and acting professor in Toronto. He is a finalist at the Actors Studio in Los Angeles and New York, plus is developing the feature film version of his very powerful award- winning short film Walled IN about mental health in our youth and the role of the educator.

Al is also hosting another virtual acting workshop concurrently: Perfecting the Call Back Audition!

What You Get: 


At least 8 hours of scene study instruction on the topics:

  • On characterization, personalization, relaxation, improvisation
  • On given circumstances, objectives, actions and as if’s
  • On bold life and death choices, risks and originality

Business advice, support and knowledge on the topics:

  • The casting directors’ point of view (what may the director be looking for)
  • The producer’s point of view (type, setting, the most economic choice)
  • The writers’ point of view (story)
  • The actor’s point of view (character)
  • Continuity’s point of view (physical and emotional)

YOU GET…confidence to own your craft. Enhance your listening skills, guidance in crafting your boldest acting choices, and insight into the business.

What You Need to Bring:


  • Note-taking tools
  • Printed Scenes
  • A comfortable, private space for a Zoom class with excellent lighting and audio capabilities


Key Members – $150 per student
(Get your discount code here)

Regular – $200 per student

Date & Time

Saturday November 27, 2021 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm PST
Saturday December 4, 2021 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm PST
Saturday December 11, 2021 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm PST
Saturday December 18, 2021 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm PST

**All sessions are recorded and will be available to enrolled students after the session has concluded**


Anywhere with a solid internet connection, it’s virtual! The course will be hosted on Zoom. Further connection details will be sent once you are a student.

Space is limited to 6 students.
If you’re interested in this workshop, register before the available spots fill up!

If you have any questions you can email us directly at

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