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Zarephath | Drama Short Film | Rural Victoria

With only a handful of flour left, a widow has come to terms that there is only enough for one last meal for herself and her son, when an unexpected stranger comes along and asks for something to eat. Based on the Old Testament Story, “The Widow of Zarephath”, this film will be a creative interpretation told from the widow’s perspective. Whether you are familiar with this Bible story or not, this film will be a story of hope and an encouragement to all, to not give up.

The film has currently begun it’s pre-production stage with filming location looking to be a rural, Australian town in NSW.  Being 3.5hours away from Melbourne, the crew is working heavily behind the scenes to pull this miracle of a film off the paper and onto our screens.  Cast and crew will be relocated to this rural town for an extended weekend as they spend 4 days together on a wheat farm, with no electricity or plumbing… gasp!

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise funds for this film to be made and a fundraising night will help to cover costs for this low budget film.  Please help these Australian filmmakers to get through productions by donating or sharing their page.  Your support of “Zarephath” means that there will be more hope in this world.  By creating more films with positive messages, it makes it easier for people who are searching for something to hold on to, to find.

A promo video for the short film will be released on Saturday 10th November as production draws closer, which will include first visuals of the location and actors as they talk about their portrayal of the biblical characters.

Recently cast in the film are talented actors; Nathan Luke, Michaela Celeste and Harley McNaughton.  In preparation for the film, they have been rehearsing to develop strong, truthful characters.

Production is in any film is always expected to be stressful, but imagine a film set, during the hot Australian summer, while on an isolated rural property.  It might seem a little spooky to some, especially for the over night shoots in this abandoned property.  There are sure to be some unexpected native visitors to set; mosquitoes, spiders… snakes.  Safety will be the biggest priority on this shoot as the cast and crew positively tackle these obstacles.

Following production, this film will be destined for global reach.  It’s first stop will be an attempt for a screening at one of Australia’s most prestigious film festivals, Tropfest.  The film is sure to be a success with a very talented crew working behind the scenes, so make sure to watch this space for more!

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