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Wild Cards | War Drama 7 Part Series | Sacramento, CA

Broke College Kids Productions started up in May of 2017 after Connor Hunt, Kolby Jones, and Dylan Peshek met at a local college. Later bringing in the talented Chris Kimotek, the 4 of us entered in a 5 day, 5 minute film festival taking place is L.A. For this festival we created the War Drama: 3 of Clubs. Written in under an hour and under presure by Connor Hunt, everyone banned together to create our very first episode of what would later be know as “Wild Cards.” That summer we continued our passion and wrote 6 more episodes around it, creating our seven part series! Wild Cards was made with absolutely no budget. Our director Dylan Peshek used his own props and costumes he has gathered over the years. Our cast consisted of 3 of our own members and a friend we knew from our day job: Nick Peno. Our crew was scrapped together day by day, with sometimes no more than 2 people on set. Using what we had, borrowed, begged for, and scrapped together, we were able to turn Northern California into the mountains of Afghanistan for this badass, dramatic, and truly dear to our hearts war series. Many hours of blood, sweat, and near heat stroke were endured to bring you “Wild Cards: A Series in Seven Parts.” By Broke College Kids Productions. Find us on YouTube and instagram @bck_productions and we hope you enjoy this series and all that is to come from BCK!


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