Wet Paint | Drama Short Film | New Castle, UK

Wet Paint tells the story of Phillip Gentry, a young homosexual, who hasn’t told anyone about his sexual orientation. This is about to change.

My name is Vlad Cocos, I come from Romania, and I am a third year Film and TV Production student at Northumbria University, Newcastle and my dream is to become a director. ‘Wet Paint’ is my graduation film and it represents my directorial debut as well. The whole concept of the story began when I noticed a ‘wet paint’ sign on a pillar, on my way to University. That happened in October last year. The bench scene started to play in front of my eyes and I started to type down on my mobile phone all the fresh details. Later, that day, I started writing the first draft. By the end of pre-production, the story reached its final form at the 9th draft. The film was shot in seven days, over a period of two months – early February until mid April – mainly due to weather conditions. Right now, the film is in post-production and it will not be published on the internet, as I intend to send it to as many festivals as I possibly can. A teaser, however, will be released on YouTube by the beginning of May in order to gather fans. After the film’s ‘festival’ life comes to an end, the short film will be available on YouTube.

Why the LGBT+ theme?
It’s simple. I feel like many homosexuals or lesbians are afraid to open up towards their families, friends, and the most important, towards themselves. Surprisingly enough, the story is not based on a certain individual, but I think many people will see themselves in Phil – the introvert, full of doubt kind of guy who is afraid to talk about his sexual orientation due to the social pressure. The message of the film encourages the people from the LGBT+ communities to be truthful about themselves, to talk about their insecurities in order to gain inner peace and happiness.

Adam Catterson is the actor who plays Phil and he is also a final year Performance student at Northumbria University. He offered me an interview related to his experience on this production. You can watch it by accessing this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phSYL143tDQ

This is the film’s IG page https://www.instagram.com/wetpaintfilm2018/

Accept yourselves.

Website: www.wetpaintfilm2018.wixsite.com/official

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