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Wayne the Worker | Comedy Short Film | Norman/Stratford, OK

“Wayne the Worker” is a short film currently in pre-production. The film will be shot entirely in Oklahoma and star all Oklahoma talent. The production company with this film is “2 Chicks’ Flicks”, an all female production company!

“Wayne the Worker” is a comedy, buddy, and coming of age film that explores the beauty of friendship, the struggles of having a hopeless crush, the problems with past relationships, and the excitement of becoming an adult. This film follows two hilarious best friends, Jesse and Amanda, at the very beginning of adulthood. Jesse’s life completely changes when she first sets her eyes on a delicious grocery store worker with long luscious hair and a very cool tattoo, enough to make a teenage girl swoon. This grocery store worker’s name is Wayne, and he happens to work every Sunday. Jesse does just about everything in her power to get the older guy, Wayne, to notice her. She brings her best friend, Amanda, along on her crazy journey for love and their experience will make you laugh until your stomach hurts.

This short film was written by Brylee Russell, the co-founder of 2 Chicks’ Flicks. Directing and cinematography will be done by the very talented co-founder of 2 Chicks’ Flicks, Diana Bittle. Sound and editing is to be done by the very experienced and knowledgeable, Glenn Flansburg. It is produced by Josh Atkinson, Brett Mahoney, Diana Bittle, and Brylee Russell. “Wayne the Worker” is set to star Brylee Russell, who has worked professionally in filmmaking for over four years, as Jesse; Kaleigh Henke, who previously worked with 2 Chicks’ Flicks on “Over the Line” and wowed them with her performance, as Amanda; and Zach Delaune whose forte is comedy and is sure to crack you up with his portrayal, as Wayne the Worker. This short film will also include amazing actors; Stephen Waldrop, Delora Lee, and LaRonn Marzett.

Please help fund our hilarious film so that we can do the awesome script justice and get it into a ton of film festivals to make others laugh with it! You can help with funding on our Indiegogo page where you will receive very cool prizes for your help; such as shoutouts, posters, an invite to the cast and crew showing of the film, a producer credit, and so much more! If you are unable to help with funding please share! We would love to spread happiness and laughter with “Wayne the Worker”!–2/x/18928432#/




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