Warm Blood | Drama Feature Film | Los Angeles, CA

Modesto, California. Industrial wineries, speed, tallow factories, Chevelle’s, vineyards, boys that smell like chlorine, Taco Bells, decay… and lots of driving.
The profound and poetic truths of a high school journal written in 1983 by a teenager from Modesto, CA named Kate Haug.
That describes the self-published zine, Teen Book, based on Kate’s journal that my friend Jocko Weyland published in 2006.

The Zine to me represents a fork in the road where we have to choose between accepting the norms of everyday society or taking the risk of walking in our own direction, of asking questions about the world and our place in it. Reading Teen Book for the first time I thought if I was ever going to make a movie, this would be it. It was punk and raw and it felt familiar.

Ten years after that first reading of the zine we are inspired by the themes in Teen Book to create our own story, and at its heart Warm Blood flows with the same energy as the Zine. That energy is a call to action for all those who feel displaced by the world to stand up and be heard, to ask the tough questions and to do more then just survive. Our two lead protagonists come together at this very intersection, both lonely, both feeling forgotten, choosing not to be victims.

We have built our own community of filmmakers with the same passion and drive to tell a story that we feel can add to the social conversation. As filmmakers from different backgrounds we have an opportunity to contribute, to be heard and to make an impact with Warm Blood.

We choose to crowd fund because we want our supporters become part of the process with us, to engage with us as our film continues to grow, and use our film and its simple message of speaking up and asking questions to continue this conversation among their friends, family and beyond.

To learn more about the Warm Blood crowdfunding campaign please click on the link below.


Website: www.warmbloodmovie.com

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