Wandering Lost | Drama Short Film | Madison, WI

Wandering Lost follows Remi, a young man who has lost his daughter and now suffers from a drug addiction. It follows his struggle to overcome this drug addiction. His relationship are in jeopardy, he must either figure out how to overcome his lingering addiction, or risk losing the few people he has left in his life.

Remi’s sister in law has forbid him from seeing his niece’s and nephew’s due to fear of his addiction influencing them in a negative way. Remi’s girlfriend, Joan, has been financially supporting Remi for the last year and a half since his addiction overtook his life. She has gotten to the point where she can’t do it anymore. She threatens to leave him if he can’t overcome the addiction. Even though Remi wants to quit and get his life back on track, he knows two things: one, he can’t do it by himself and two, he can’t let the pills to continue holding power over him.

Remi calls his brother for help, yet when he lies right to his brothers face about having pills we wonder if Remi will ever be able to overcome the addiction controlling his life.

Will Remi salvage his relationship with his girlfriend, brother, and brothers kids? Or will Remi allow this addiction to continue running his daily life?

Even though Remi struggles with addiction, the one thing he does regularly is up keep on his daughters grave. He frequents the cemetery to visit his daughter and change out the flowers. It is clear that Remi is lost without his daughter, and she kept him together before her passing.

In the short 5 minutes of this film we begin struggle to know if Remi is self destructive, or if he truly cares about those around him. We don’t know if we should feel sympathy for Remi, or if we should empathize with his family and girlfriend. Throughout the course of the film we get an understanding of Remi and his stubborn personality. We learn that he feels he needs to do things on his own, and sees seeking external help as a sign of weakness; even if it means salvaging the few relationships he has left.

This film highlights the everyday struggle of someone who suffers from addiction. It takes us into the life of someone who we typically don’t sympathize with and teaches us how to sympathize with them. It shows us how lonely it can be, and teaches us that we must support them in their time of hurt.

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