Vishnu – A Special Bond | Drama Short Film | Mumbai, MH

Vishnu – A Special Bond is a short drama film that revolves around a man named Vishnu, who recently lost his wife and is now struggling to get out of depression. He fails to connect to his son Sujal and doesn’t talk to anyone. Vishnu’s best friend, Ramesh, tries to talk to him but in vain. The only one he talks to is a Tree. Every day, Vishnu sits next to a tree near Ramesh’s house and talks to the tree for hours. The film aims to show the relationship of a father and his son through the friendship between Vishnu and a tree. The film consists of crew members, Dikshant Sharma as the Director and Director of Photography, Yogesh Sharma as the second Director of Photography and Dhawal Singh Rawat as the Assistant Director. The film was produced by Rekha Sharma under the banner of 9D Production. It is a micro budget short film and was shot in less than 6 hours on the same location. The cameras used for the short film was a Canon 80D DSLR and a Canon 600D DSLR. The crew members were given a limited time to shoot (Fromm 11 AM to 5 PM) and there were no rehearsals prior to the shoot. The Actors were provided with a brief introduction to the story and their characters along with the script.

The Film focuses on the psychology of Vishnu and how his son, Sujal, tries to help him get over the grief. The Film is written by Dikshant Sharma. Each character has an emotional side of their own and the story comes ahead as an emotional ride and ends as a heart warming one. It explores the love of a son for his father and the emotions of three different people for each other.

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