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VI(6) is a project directed and written by Jesus Pasos and his brother, Jesse Gutierrez. Together, they captured a story about “him” whose played by Jerry Velez, and how this man grapples with his problems and the underlying issues WITHOUT the comfort of alcohol. Noticing the fact that this struggle is similar to many others, both Jesus and Jesse wanted to shine light on an issue often over looked. More specifically, they wanted to highlight the personal determination of a man whose desire to improve his daily life demands more than just will power alone. Because although this is not based on a true story, it still acknowledges the societal stigma and puts another person’s reality into perspective.

VI was created because the two brothers wanted viewers to think. To analyze what is going on both on screen and outside of the film. To look beyond what the character is feeling and focus on how their demons lay within and around “him”. This visual film will take you on a journey that exercises your imagination and has you question personal demons which come in all shapes and forms. The hidden clues, messages, and un-answered questions within the setting, music, and dialogue calls for a film you will want to go see more than once.

Needless to say, VI is unique. The two ensured every piece of the story was told in an accurate and memorable way. No plot holes, no permanent cliff hangers and nothing that could potentially come back to haunt them or you. They strived to leave everything you need to know about the film, in the film. This allows the viewer to decide if they want to peel back the layers of every scene to discover the true meaning of the film. Funny part is, Jesus and Jesse came up with the story in a matter of minutes. After bouncing ideas off one another, they grew passionate about portraying a story about the constant battle between light and darkness, and so they ran with it. Not to mention, stories like these fit their dark and obscure styles. The brothers’ team work played a crucial part in the making of this film. The story would not have been successfully depicted in the way either of them wanted it to be if it were not for their specific set of skills and talented small film crew of 6 people that helped illustrate the harsh truth of the topic. The shortness of the film is an analogy of feeling empty inside. Its creation required all hands-on deck. In between managing the boom, audio mixer, script supervising, lighting, DOP, directing, setting the scenes and more, the crew worked together to make something impactful.

Note from the producers:

We hope the viewer can appreciate the dedication that was put into our story. Most importantly, we want viewers to enjoy the ride this suspenseful thriller takes you on, because that is what you are getting yourself into when you watch VI.

Happy Livin!
– Jesus and Jesse

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