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How many horror movies have you seen that resort to jump scares, hype, found footage, all the other gimmicks you can think of? Probably most of them. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s not. But, what you might not know, is that a low budget indie horror that focuses on a gripping story about a nephew returning to his deceased aunt’s century-old home to stay for the night after her wake is JUST what you were begging for.

Upon Arrival

Filmmakers Max Minus and Duane Garcia of DirtyWorks Productions explore the landscape of what makes horror great – the storytelling, the space, the light. If you ever wanted to create your own idea of what it’d be like to have a psychological battle against an inner demon in real life, “Upon Arrival” is it. “We never want to settle for doing the bare minimum, but having a low budget makes for a great challenge on what you can accomplish in a limited space” said Duane Garcia after finishing the final cut for “Upon Arrival”.

The film ultimately took place over the course of a couple of weeks and used an especially small crew. “Yeah, actually we really wanted to get the film out and premiere before Halloween so people had some time to get that spooky season feel,” urged Max Minus. He also gave us more facts about the new horror flick: “We worked on a literal staff of 3 people. A couple of our friends chipped in. We shot it in a single day with maybe a couple reshoots on another day. It’s what makes an indie film fun, the atmosphere, the struggling artist aspect, the rush and thrill of a deadline.” DirtyWorks Productions – the channel that Garcia and Minus produce and manage, ranges in a variety of genre-based material; even crossing media platforms. “We love horror, we love reality tv, we love action films, comedy, a little bit of everything really. Our goal is to tackle a project in the basis of everything we love about the screen. TV, Film, multi genre, anthology, whatever it may be. And this time we wanted to tell a story about a guy who confides in the space death lives in,” Garcia revealed.

You can watch “Upon Arrival” which premieres this Wednesday, October 24th on Facebook on the DirtyWorks Productions page and can check out more content coming soon if you like and follow them as well.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/dirtyworksprod/

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