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Unity | Geopolitical Thriller | Maricopa, AZ

North Korea has thousands of starving people, millions in fact. Their leadership is corrupt and hostile. Eventually we will have to confront them. But we do not have to engage them like we have other countries in the past.

We do not know how loyal the citizens are to their leadership. But we know they are starving. We know they have probably never had anything that tastes as good as any of the foods and drinks below or that anything we eat on a daily basis (we take it for granted, South Koreans as well).

We can offer them calories and incredible taste in an instant. This could win them over in a nano second (if it does not, it is still worth a shot and could possibly save time and tens of thousands of lives and prevent a protracted and ongoing war; it certainly does not hurt. When did trying to save lives ever hurt anything? – especially when the same country was selling nuclear technology to your enemies!). It may even pacify and impress China as well.

How could it not? It could prevent 20 million starving North Koreans from poring over their border begging for food. This is China’s worst nightmare.

I do not believe we can drop these foods and drinks from planes on North Korea’s populated areas and military bases (yes, military bases) without having some sort of message. Something written.

Yes, these foods and drinks are a message but some in the North could think they are weapons or a poison of some sort (even with this propaganda they still could think this but this could win over more of them than if we just dropped the drinks and food without some sort of written message, an explanation, some truth, another viewpoint – this food and the propaganda, this plan, may also work effectively well on North Korea’s rank and file military). Some of the fanatics will not believe anything and may have to be killed regardless. They could be killed by their own colleagues.

Think about it, would you rather have them eating Doritos or shooting at our planes? Most of their troops are hungry as well.

This script has outstanding characters of all types. This is a full script. This movie will require at least $50 million to make, perhaps over $150 million.

This is a game changer. Bigger than The Kingdom and could be as good or better than Sicario.


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