Txema | Drama Short Film | London, ENG

Exasperated and bored with his life, our narrator finds himself on a journey led by the mysterious character, Txema. Txema takes him on a journey of rebellion where he learns how to live outside of the glass box he has created for himself and find the excitement all around. The journey escalates out of control ending in disaster. The idea for the script was inspired by many different authors, musicians and filmmakers, namely Jack Kerouac and The Doors.

This film was made by a motley crew of twenty somethings, on a shoestring (no string is more accurate) budget, all with the ambition to create a great story, a willingness to learn on the go and wear many hats. We would often have the same person setting up lights and doing the makeup. This was our film school! Taking a page out of Robert Rodriguez’s handbook on filmmaking and inspired by the success of El Mariachi we set out on our somewhat less ambitious but just as daunting project.

Txema was written and directed by myself (Will Liney) and produced by Will Baker, a good friend from University. Together we worked through the finer details of the project and how to bring it to the screen, if there is ever a test of friendship it would be making a film together, we seem to have come out unscathed though!

Rodrigo de la Roza who plays the narrator was the first person that we brought onto the project having met while we were both extras in the upcoming Disney film, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Just goes to show that you can never underestimate who you meet, especially in this industry. This is also the case with Duncan Yeldham who I met in a camera shop in Gatwick airport on my way to Norway. Despite failing to sell me a camera we talked all things film until I had to board a flight. We promised to stay in contact and he ended up shooting this film. We have been collaborating since. Will B introduced me to Jake who was the perfect fit for the character Txema. After a couple of pints Will and I had persuaded him to join and we had only one more person to complete the cast. This is where Gabi came in, the cherry on top of our homemade cake. Just back from Los Angeles she was keen to get involved. At our first meeting she brought five pages of notes on her character with as many questions. That’s dedication folks. Freya Flavell did the incredible makeup and costume in the film, what she achieved with the minuscule budget I gave her is extraordinary. And last but not least, Milly Putt joined halfway through providing a much needed calm. She did everything from sound, to lights to providing her apartment when our filming location fell through. I highlight each member of the crew as everyone played such a vital role in getting the film made.

We filmed in various locations around London in the depths of winter which made our outdoor shoots…interesting. There is not one anecdote that I could tell to sum up this production. Enjoy the trailer and if you think it is for you, send me a message and I can send over a link. I hope you enjoyed the article or at least get something out of it. Just go out and do it!

Will Liney – Director, Txema


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