Two | Psycho Thriller Mystery Short Film | Mumbai, Maharashtra

After one month of solid hard work, we are proud to bring you our first short film “Two” – the story of a 19-year old Rohan who tries to go back to normalcy after years of being verbally abused by his parents.

This film is written by Nandan Venkatesan and directed by Sakhi Kale. We like taking on challenges. And so, as budding filmmakers, we found it best to create a thriller that would give us exposure to the world of filmmaking since thrillers require a lot more thought as compared to other genres of film. Having seen many films that explore the psyche of their characters, scripting the film “Two” would be intriguing to both the viewers and us – the creators. Hence, this project was one that aimed to provide a gripping representation of a mysterious, yet innocent main character – Rohan.

And how did we give you insight into his character? Through symbolism. We like symbolism. Correction: We love symbolism. Symbolism shows thought. Symbolism shows effort. Symbolism shows the level of understanding one has developed towards the story and the craft. Throughout the film, we have used three symbols (bonus points if you comment on the video and identify them!). We thought it’d be a fun way to play around with the subconscious of the viewers – a technique that was inspired by the works of many renowned filmmakers.

What we did overlook while shooting was the name of the film. Why did we name it “Two”? Because most of the scenes had two characters on screen. There’s more to the name “Two”, but if I reveal much, what’s the joy in watching the film, right? Our cinematographer, Siddharth Koyal, came up with the name and helped us tie in all the aspects of our film to a completely befitting title.

Filming in one week is no easy task. One crucial scene of the film had to be shot in a room under construction, which meant there was no ventilation and only limited electricity. Aside from that, since it was our first such experience, we thought we wouldn’t need food – of course, that was a rookie mistake. Nevertheless, it was fun.

But you’re probably wondering if we’ve got anything planned for the future – a sequel, maybe? Well, yes! A sequel titled “One” – yes, the name sounds too obvious, doesn’t it? Currently, we are focused on creating a story with a meaningful plot, but I must tell you this – the story is going to be way more intense than you can imagine. In “Two,” Kavya’s character was a small, yet integral part of the film because her presence shed light on Alia’s nature. In the next film, it’s all about Kavya. We aim to make the next film longer, giving more time to develop the tense atmosphere.

If you haven’t yet seen “Two,” what are you waiting for? This project is one that we are extremely proud of, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback! So, go ahead: click the link, sit back, and enjoy!


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