Trauma | Horror Short Film | Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Trauma is a short horror/thriller film that follows Ryan, a young man experiencing horrifying encounters that threaten to expose the darkest secrets of his past. Filming in Lincolnshire, UK and set in Vermont, USA, Trauma is poised to combine the talents of a team of passionate filmmakers who are looking to create a film that will generate conversation and raise awareness of difficult themes, such as PTSD and gun control in America.

The film is currently in pre-production, with the transition to production expected to commence on Halloween for six days. For each team member on the project, Trauma is providing a unique experience and a unique set of challenges. Below are accounts from some of the team on why they wanted to be a part of the production and what they feel the story of Trauma has to offer.

Reece Taylor-Long, Director

The story of Trauma stems from my personal experiences with a family member. PTSD was something that he never really acknowledged, but played a large role in his life until almost causing him to take his own life. This issue wasn’t something we spoke about in the family, instead being something we chose to ignore. This seems to be the case in modern society as a whole today, and with Trauma I hope that more people will talk about it and begin to take action against it. This, combined with the opportunity to direct a film within one of my favourite genres, horror, has left me eager to start production and very excited to see how the finished product turns out.

Nicola Cowley, Director of Photography

For me, the film Trauma highlights current topics, such as gun crime and PTSD, whilst paying homage to classic films found within the horror genre. The story subjects the audience to an extreme reality which has been fabricated around existing issues circulating within current media. I wanted to be involved in the project because of the message the film illustrates, as well as my love for horror and furthering my own experience working as Director of Photography on short films.

Lana Difiori, Marketing Manager

I wanted to be a part of this project as I believe in the people, the script, and the meaning. I wanted to help get this project off the ground and build an audience for it. The story of Trauma is important as we can reflect on the world we live in and give people a chance to relate, giving them a feeling of comfort in the fact that they are not alone. It’s important to make films that comment on current situations in our world, which is what Trauma is aiming to do.

Tiffany Collyer, Producer

From the moment I read the script, the characters popped out to me. They are so well developed and realistic. You really believe in them and begin to care about them. The plot is very well written, and I appreciate how it places an important topic in the spotlight. Gun violence is a very big issue in America and it has resulted in a lot of innocent deaths – too many to count. This film tackles this issue well, as well as bringing to light issues on mental health and PTSD. You can find more information about this production and get involved with it by visiting the IndieGogo page for Trauma.



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