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Young filmmaker, AKAASH MEEDA, is on the campaign trail to finance his latest short film, THIS TIME, on Kickstarter.

Akaash is the Writer and Director of THIS TIME. Along with female producing partner, DOMINIQUE SUMMERS, they are proud to have brought together an ethnically diverse and gender balanced cast and crew to bring their film to life.

THIS TIME follows the story of two childhood friends, AYESHA and FELIX, who accidentally bump into each other after ten years apart and decide to spend the afternoon together wandering through London and revel in the delight of catching up. This heart-warming story looks at how time changes people and explores both the joyful and melancholic feelings that arise when two old friends reconnect. It’s a story that asks us to look at, think about and celebrate some of the most important relationships in our lives.

Inspired by classic films such as The Before Trilogy and Manhattan, the film will be shot entirely on location in East London and will explore the diverse multicultural London that the filmmakers see in everyday life, but is rarely portrayed on screen.

Stars of the stage and screen AYESHA ANTOINE and FELIX SCOTT will play the central characters, Ayesha and Felix. Ayesha has had many starring roles in the West End including Kenneth Branagh’s HAMLET alongside Tom Hiddleston, and Joe Wright’s LIFE OF GALlLEO. Felix has starred in a wide variety of great TV & Films including INCEPTION WOLF HALL and THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER

STUART HOWELL, the cinematographer of Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning series THE CROWN, is on board shoot.

To finance the project and to bring it to the screen, the team are using Kickstarter to raise the funds. Kickstarter has been a game changer for young filmmakers, allowing them both to raise funds and build a community around their projects. THIS TIME has already attracted over 80 backers, with just fewer than two weeks to go until the campaign terminates on Sunday 29th April.

The filmmakers hope to show the finished film on the London festival circuit next year.


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