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The Wood Worker | Short Film | Lakeland, FL

This short film was a script that meant a lot to my friend George. His cousin wrote it and it’s a true story about his sister and himself. George was recently diagnosed with this autoimmune disease and was told in about a year your time will be up.

So my fiance, also my DP, and I decided to make this film before he goes because when I would hear him talk about this script you could hear the emotion in his voice and he would start to tear up. Which was unusual for me to see him do. Our goal is to submit to the Oscars and make him proud of the film.

Right now we are currently in production of the film if you want, like our facebook for updates of production and whats happening. We also have a GoFundMe which would be great to help cover the cost of gear, food, having a premiere, and other stuff. We really appreciate all the support we have gotten for the film already and if you have made it this far in the article thanks for reading!


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