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The Whole Truth | Drama Short Film | London, UK

Sophie Max is currently in pre-production for the second film she has written, The Whole Truth. Following the success of her first film, Callie (Award of Excellence- Metro Film and TV Awards, Official Selection- International Women’s Film Festival, Official Selection- Mindfield Film Festival Los Angeles, Semi-Finalist- Los Angeles Cinefest), Sophie is producing The Whole Truth, set to film in London this summer.

The story centers on fifteen-year-old schoolgirl Jenny, who has been called in to give evidence against her teacher for sexual abuse. Unwilling to admit anything happened, the interview begins fraught, but over time Jenny forms an unlikely bond with the compassionate interviewing officer, Mallory, who, unbeknownst to Jenny, is a survivor of similar abuse. With Mallory’s support, she slowly comes to realize the truth about the abuse she suffered and the importance of speaking up about it.  

This film dives head-on into the stigma around sexual abuse, the importance of speaking about it and the impact of child abuse in adulthood, all through the lens of the growing trust and sympathy between two women. It was written using personal experiences and extensive research into the legal and psychological aftermath of child abuse. The aim is for the film to spark discussions, awareness and empathy among audiences and so work towards dissolving the ‘elephant in the room’ aspect of childhood sexual abuse, as well as honoring and empowering survivors and advocating for the importance of having support systems for them through their healing process. The intent is also to deal with these topics in a sensitive, respectful and honest way, without the triggering sensationalism often used in the media about these issues.

Sophie will be working with a majority female crew on the project, not only to advocate for women behind the camera but the create a safe environment on set for the actresses as they explore these difficult themes. She is intent that the subject matter is portrayed sensitively and by a crew who are passionate about telling these stories. Sophie herself will be starring as the young police officer, Mallory, and is excited to be part of her screenplay coming to life for the second time.

As a writer, Sophie says: “I write complex, dynamic female roles which challenge stereotype and have their voices at the front and center of the narrative. I want to create a film that sparks audiences into having the discussions we should be having around sexual abuse. Art encourages empathy, and with sexual assault being one of the most widespread problems worldwide, we could all have more empathy for the victims and really listen to their voices and experiences. I intend to hire a crew of majority womxn to advocate for womxn getting more opportunities in film and to have the story told in the most authentic way, by a crew of people who are not only passionate about portraying these themes but perhaps also have first-hand knowledge of the characters’ experiences.”

The film is currently in pre-production and will be filming in the summer of 2019, aiming for a 2019-2020 film festival circuit. 

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