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The Tale of a Pusher | Action Drama Feature Film | Los Angeles, CA

LOGLINE: Push too hard, you get pushed back. 

SYNOPSIS: The Tale of a Pusher focuses around the journey of a low level drug dealer in Los Angeles, California. Clayton (C-Lay) is dragged deeper into the coke game quicker than he could have possibly imagined. He then finds himself between a rock and a hard place. The rock happens to be a big time drug distributor, Samuel Patton, a man that uses pushers like pawns. The hard place is a rival crew that is not too happy with their territory being trespassed upon.

Samuel expects C-Lay to push heavy weight and if he can’t keep up, he’s likely to be let go from the organization. C-Lay, along with his brother, Quentin (Que) and their best friend, Katherine (Kat) push coke as hard as the three of them can. As the money rolls in, they begin living the high life without looking back. Kat goes on a shopping spree, Que buys a new car, and C-Lay meets Jennifer (Jenny).

Unfortunately, the rival crew, run by Kurtis, strikes back. Luckily, these hits seemed to be nothing more than a warning as C-Lay and his team escape any serious injury. But for the first time Kat and Que question this lifestyle and question the fact that the violence has not shaken C-Lay’s resolve. The risks challenge their bonds, as they continue to deal with Samuel, who seems to offer them security. It becomes all too apparent that Samuel doesn’t actually care what happens that low level in the game. C-Lay, Jenny, Que, and Kat get out of the city for the weekend and relax without any danger. When they get back, they believe the conflict has been resolved.

Unfortunately, Kurtis sends two of his goons to after Que. Que is able to unload his gun and take out the two goons, but not before being fatally wounded himself. Que dies in his brother’s arms. Que now buried, C-Lay and Kat are torn. C-Lay wants war. Kat wants peace. Ultimately, C-Lay is convinced to pull off a job for Samuel. Kat wants nothing to do with stealing fifty kilos from a drop and C-Lay is forced to do it on his own. After the job, Kurtis and what’s left of his crew corner C-Lay. C-Lay fights back and successfully subdues his attackers. The only thing left now, is to meet with Samuel to complete his job. Will C-Lay come to his senses and do right by those who matter most to him? Or will he spiral out of control and lose track of what really matters?

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