The Silent God | Historical Short Film | Stockholm

An aging warrior is stalked by a killer in the frozen landscape of 11th century Sweden.

This film takes place at the end of the 11th century, when Sweden broke off from paganism and took on christianity. The goal was to leave Hollywood cliches, revisionist retellings and romantic takes of the viking age. I wanted the viewer transported to another time which was as alien as another planet with man at the mercy of nature and her own superstitions. The film is to remind the viewer that 1000 years later religious fanaticism still causes so much destruction and horror.

The film was shot on pre-existing locations. Nothing was built for the film, but we simply existing locations around Stockholm. An authentic viking-era house provided interiors for the film. This meant no electricity and running water. To make our food we had to use the fire featured in the scene. Some of the exterior shots taking place during winter where shot in temperatures as low as -4 fahrenheit. The opening sequence was filmed in the ruins of an old fortress, requiring a 40-minute walk from the closest road to get there. The carved idols where borrowed from a modern Asatru-practioner who performed a blot – a traditional pagan sacrifice – to ensure the film would have the favour of the gods.

The cast is made up of professional and unprofessional actors, trained and untrained. The extras where made up of local Stockholmians. The uncredited actors playing the soldiers are workers at a slaughterhouse in Nyfors.

The film stars Ralf Beck, Viking Almquist, Xander Turian, Sarah Giercksky & Krister Twizz Forsberg.


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