The Remembering | Drama Short Film | Chattanooga, TN

What’s in the afterlife? How do we get there?

Imagine you have one last chance to see memories of your life before you are gone forever. What memories would you pick? Who would you want to see one last time?. The Remembering explores this idea of moving to the afterlife. Erin our protagonist, wakes up in a dream like place where an angelical version of herself will guide her through the last moments before moving past death.

The short film is written by Megan Ownbey and directed by Axel Arzola. The script for the project went through a few changes when Axel and Megan met to talk about the film. Initially the tone for the short was closer to a sci-fi piece, where the process to access memories was possible because of some kind of futuristic device.

Axel: “When Megan showed me the script I was interested right away. The idea was pretty cool and I knew we could make a really strong short”. In the final draft the memories where presented in a more spiritual way.

Axel: “I didn’t want to make a religious film, but I thought that the sci-fi element needed o change a bit to make the experience more emotional. I instantly thought of my mom and how hard would it be to loose our relationship, and that’s why I asked Megan to write the memories in a painful way to start the film, but then change the outlook on the same memories. We took the best parts and used that to change our character from distressed and disoriented to a calmer version of herself who was in control of her mindset”

The film was shot all in half a day. We have a fun behind the scenes video were you can see our team working and also having a great time together.

The lead actress Erin Ownbey was incredible. She got to the studio ready to jump on the story and play her two different versions of the same girl. Make u and costumes helped to differentiate the 2 characters, but it was Erin who brought a whole different performance. Some people don’t even realize she is playing both characters.

The film has played in several festivals, but you can now watch it online too.

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