The Last Cry | Drama/Fantasy | Alexandra, Virginia

What inspired you to create the project:

I have five sisters and two daughters and I love empowering them and other women. I wanted to make a film that will empower women and portray a message of strength and courage, no matter how difficult the situation may be.

Stories from production:

It was a very professional and friendly cast and crew. One of our most memorable stories during production is when we went to Dumbo, New York to shoot an exterior scene.  Not only did we face a couple of delays as we headed to New York, but also it began to rain and got very cold as we arrived to the location.  The rain didn’t stop us though; we walked for many blocks looking for a store to purchase an umbrella. We bought a huge umbrella and continued shooting through the rain.

Future the film:

We will have screenings in multiple states including Virginia, Maryland and New York beginning October.  We will also be submitting to festivals and we are currently looking into different options for online distribution.

Writer/Ditector/Producer Sofia Pellegrino FULL SYNOPSIS In the early 1990s an eleven year old SAMANTHA struggles to understand the double life her father, RICO, is living.  A life as a struggling single father AND as a member of a secret fighting organization, THE SCAR WARRIORS. The Scar Warriors was founded in China centuries before Samantha was born, with the purpose of eliminating dark fighting clans. Scar Warriors members were CHOSEN and given unique powers through the scar warrior’s BRACELET.

RICO, Samantha’s father is one of the chosen ones; however he begins rebelling against the Scar Warriors after losing his wife and close friends.  As a result, Rico is killed by the dark forces in front of Samantha. Experiencing the death of her father left Samantha devastated and had her living in seclusion for many years.  She blamed the Scar Warriors’ organization for losing all of her loved ones and stayed away from it.  The only limited contact she kept was with her childhood best friend and daughter of the leader of The Scar Warriors, JOY.

Transitioning into adulthood, Samantha continued to allow physical and emotional abuse from many people. Her boss, TODD, is one of the abusers. Todd saw an easy prey in Samantha and is also an accomplice of the dark forces. Todd made sure Samantha stayed secluded and vulnerable to prevent her from finding out her truth, that she is one of the CHOSEN ONES. One afternoon, Todd escalated the abuse and sexually and physically abused Samantha. Left in despair and trying to figure out a way out of her misery, Samantha refers back to her past, The Scar Warriors.

Samantha reunites with Joy, now the head leader of the Scar Warriors, and is persuaded into joining. Joy gives Samantha detailed instructions of what she needs to do to join The Scar Warriors and discloses the power of the Scar Warriors’ bracelet to Samantha. Samantha doubts her potential; however Joy reassures Samantha that she is an essential element to eradicating evil definitely and must move forward with the plan.

The mission of Samantha joining The Scar Warriors include eliminating three dark spirits who are the same people that caused Samantha’s pain and misery throughout her life (her boss, her father’s killer and childhood bully and leader of one of the dark fighting clans). Samantha’s journey of joining The Scar Warriors now has a double meaning of revenge and saving the world from the destruction of evil. With the plan and bracelet in hand Samantha goes through a radical emotional and physical transformation. Samantha carries on with her mission and eliminates the three dark spirits within 24 hours.

After completing the mission she meets with Joy. Joy (led by an undisclosed person) warns Samantha of what is coming next. Days later, we see Samantha’s ultimate transformation.  She is stronger, undefeatable and ready to ravage evil as a new member of The Scar Warriors.


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