The Flower Girl | Drama Short Film | Bangor, ME

This is a straight forward, basic short film. It’s about a young man who is just trying to find flowers for his girl friend. I made this short film in November, 2017 and it was for a class project. The assignment was to write a poem, short story, take a picture, etc. I asked my teacher if it was alright if I could make a short film. He honestly didn’t care that much, he just wanted a finished project. It was a good opportunity to see if I could get a short film done in less then a month. I think the film was well made, well acted and all around, made sense. There are a few things I wish I could of done differently and certain scenes that didn’t quite come out the way I wanted, but damn, I’m still proud of it.

My goal in life is to become a successful film maker/writer/editor, I’m pretty confident in myself in some cases. When I really want to get something done then I do it and I don’t hold back. Film making has been a dream of mine for a long time. From my short film, The Flower Girl, I use a lot of songs because I feel like music can tell a story on it’s own and It’s very powerful to see a song be brought to life with film making.

This short film is one of my first films to feature dialog and natural sounds. On my YouTube, I’ve created several other videos but mostly they aren’t anything to write home about. The Flower Girl is one of my most proudest accomplishments and I’m happy to say that its mine.

This is my first time sending one of my videos into anything! But I think its about time I get off my butt and make it happen. This is my goal in life and I want to succeed at it and maybe become the next Quentin Tarantino. I don’t know, I think it could happen. Hopefully.

My next step in my film making journey is to expand my work and get more people involved. I want to start focusing more and really making a name for myself. I already have a few scripts right now that I want to start to film and I want to get more actors involved in my films. I think that is the best way to learn as well. You can learn something new every single day you have a camera. Whether or not it’s good or bad, at least you have that knowledge now.

I hope everyone enjoys my film and more content is coming soon.



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