The Doctrine | Thriller Short Film | Chilliwack, BC

Shane Brar writes and directs his next project called The Doctrine. The film is about a journalist named Andrei who’s trying to expose an industry who is making a profit off of people’s lives. Andrei looks for accountability from a justice system that seems to have lost it’s way when it comes to major complexes. At the same time he struggles with who he can trust with information so he isolates himself from the rest of the world.

Just like his previous films Shane looks to provoke a thought and relay a message to the audience. A message that effects everyone and create awareness of something that doesn’t have much light shed on it.

We are looking for funds to finish the film.

As an Independent filmmaker we don’t have the easy access to big funds but that’s not what we are looking for. We are looking for any amount that can help us along with what we contribute ourselves. Our last film was successful because the support we got through crowdfunding and we look to continue that movement.

Below is the link to the crowdfunding campaign which has all the information about our project.

Thank you,

Shane Brar


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