The Diner | Sci-Fi Drama Short Film | Erie, PA

In the twilight of his life, Jack Mayfield has lost all hope. After yet another heartbreaking evening spent by his wife’s grave, Jack finds his way to his red pickup truck. He stares at the steering wheel and realizes this wasn’t getting any easier.

A flicker of static on the radio catches his attention, the stations overlap and a song plays that reminds him of his youth. This glimmer encourages him to drive. The crisp air whistles through his window. He looks to the seat next to him. Fast food wrappers. He sighs at the thought of eating fast food again. Eating alone again. A diner catches his eye. Jack pulls into the parking lot and stares for a moment trying to see it it’s open. A blur of movement in the window is enough confirmation for him.

Jack walks to the door. A light flickers eerily above his head. Jack glances up and then walks through the door.

There is something different about this place. Genuine. Within a few moments he encounters Eddie, a charismatic and quirky 1950s greaser and a beautiful young waitress. When the young waitress turns to greet him… “Lucy?” Jack is suddenly staring into the face of his wife.

It’s 1956 and Lucy is younger than Jack has ever seen her. The life he is mourning is here in this quiet restaurant. Could a week in this limbo be enough to help him move on with his life? Or will he choose to leave this world behind and go with her?

“There are a great number of organizations working to enrich Erie’s art scene, hoping to make it a prime filming location. This makes it even more heartwarming to read that writer and director Brittany Hills’ new short film, The Diner, was crowdfunded by a number of local businesses and filmed at Erie’s very own summer destination, Sara’s Restaurant. Hills also stars in the film alongside local actors Glenn Rolph, Cole Daniel Hills, Garrett Cragle, Josh Stephens, and Chloe Hess.” – Erie Reader

Reviews from real people who have seen it and love it:
“In an age dominated by Ex Machinas and Black Mirrors, The Diner offers a refreshingly optimistic take on the science fiction genre.” – Aaron Mook

“Emotional and thought provoking.” – Bonnie Hill DeNardo

“Something you have to see before you die.” – Tristian Chase

Check The Diner out on Amazon for $3.99 in HD, $1.99 in SD.



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