The Dark Resurgence: A Star Wars Story | Sci-Fi Short Film | San Diego, CA

The inception of “The Dark Resurgence” began before the release of “The Force Awakens.” When the film was released, my drive to make it only grew. Before embarking on the journey, I watched a ton of fan films online. After sifting through countless YouTube search pages, I observed a trend that most followed- they focused on lightsaber duels and action without character development or story. With this in mind, I knew that I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to craft an interesting story that could stand on its own without all the added visual effects. I wanted the story to feel like a mini-movie. You would get the rebels, the Jedi, and the Sith colliding together in one epic showdown. Once the story was written, I just started producing it. I like to make bold decisions and learn as I go. It’s a sure way to motivate myself toward completing ambitious goals. And so that is what I did. I also wanted to have the freedom of exploring the characters’ motivations in the film that could be continued in a sequel. Because I didn’t use characters from the Star Wars movies, I could develop their stories without constraint. I casted a group of talented actors out of the San Diego area to bring my characters to life. Their performances captured that old Star Wars magic from my childhood. I believe that much of the magic older movies captured has been lost in modern cinema. I am changing that. Currently, I am in pre-production on a sequel and hope you join me and my team in this journey to and from a galaxy far, far away while we make fan-film history.


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