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Take a Trip | Documentary | London, England 

Take a Trip | Documentary | London, England  2

The documentary is a composition of an inspiring poetic, philosophical text by the novelist
and artist Vasiliki Kappa, with a reference to her art series “Invisible Cities”. The film is about
the journey, not the one we do on the outside though, but the journey within us. London is
the basic city where the journey takes us…This Film settled a new creative framework
through which painting, cinema, and writing came together and proceeded to a creative
coupling with semantic extensions beyond the traditional way we perceive the limits of the
arts. The film has so far won 28 international awards with more than 80 official entries in
more than 30 countries The music, by Grigoris Giarelis, gives a dynamic tone to the
narration. Director of Photography: George Devon, Dionysios Dimas, Christos N. Karakasis
Music Composition: Gregory Giarelis Assistant Director-Sound Record: Nikos Psaltakis
Production Assistant: Maria Kappa Texts Narration: Vasiliki Kappa Screenplay – Direction:
Christos N. Karakasis Production:

ΚΟΥΙΝΤΑ Production- Tickets Tickets Company

In a time of crisis on multiple levels, it is easy for everyone to criticize. We made this film to
meet all the people in the world and give them a warm hand of understanding, competence
and awareness. “Take a Trip” is an anti-racist look at mentality and fascism .The film is about
the journey, a English-Greek production movie. London is the basic city where the journey
takes us. The more free form creates connecting relations with the form, without the
narration being a record or description but a catalyst and creative representation. Cleansing
comes through a painful process. There are no moments of relaxation. The city leads us. It
gives the rhythm. We resist the given relationship of time and the intensity of reality. We are
present, without violating the space of the necessary vital distance. Our gaze changed. Our
angles have changed. The camera became a guide and barometer.

I started my career in the art of cinema with studies and at the same time i made short films
and music videos. That’s how I became a film teacher without realizing it. My time is make
films I organize festivals and teaching. The cinematic work transcends the dependencies of
matter, transcends limitations, and is transformed into a spiritual event. It reflects the social
or ideological conditions that produced it. It can transmit awe but also terror. It can destroy
forms of the past that have ended up inactive. It detaches from its creator and lives in
stubbornness of the damage caused by time. He lives independently because everyone can
read new things in it .The creative documentary-film “Take a trip” begins his journey in the
world by inviting viewers to take a journey to reposition the thoughts, views and positions
that, in our time, make human values a test. That thought is not easy because


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