Swear | Drama Short Film | London, ENG

Blood and Neon. The Aftermath of Rachels accident sends Joe into a panic. What can he do in this disastrous situation? Is she Alive?

Swear is a one minute short film Written and directed by Jed Welland and Produced by Adrian Scott & Alexei Nunes of Mellow 9 Productions.

It follows the character of Joe who has found his girlfriend dead on the floor with blood seeping from the back of her head. Faced with the task of confirming the death, all he can do is panic, all he can do is swear.

This film questions the role of masculinity within a modern society and demonstrates how it is changing. It states its authority and confirms that men, no matter how muscular or body confident they are, should have no quarrel with being afraid in a difficult situation, even if it may seem unnatural.

‘The stereotypical view of masculinity is changing. After years of being told to prepare for any circumstance, as a man would do, it is now time to say “it’s ok to be afraid”. There are still some communities in which men (and women) are expected to prepare for each and every eventuality, but in the uncertain atmosphere that we all live in, how can we? It’s only natural for us to express our emotions, there is no need to suppress them.’ Swear Director – Jed Welland.

An abnormal and unnerving atmosphere pans throughout ‘Swear’ via the waves of sound and the unnatural neon light that glows in the bedroom. The conclusion only extends this abnormality and questions our thinking of ‘natural’ and ‘ordinary’.

To extend this point even further, the title ‘Swear’ derives from the language Joe expresses in his panic. As another form of anti-suppression, the film illustrates the necessity of freedom of expression. Any form of language that is deemed vulgar is only regarded as such because of the way it is expressed and ‘Swear’ definitely shows a circumstance in which it is needed because of the way it sounds, not what it may mean or the direction of the recipient.

As a one minute short film, ‘Swear’ will be available for viewing on Youtube, Vimeo and Instagram (#swearshortfilm) from Friday 25th May at approximately 18:20 GMT.

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