Suburbicide | Horror Comedy Short Film | Vancouver, BC

“Suburbicide” is a horror/comedy short film being produced in Vancouver that needs your support in becoming a reality.

The film follows the story of the Alex and Chuy Cruz, two Latino siblings that move from the seedy Southside of town into the heart of Suburbia. Alex has been looking after her brother Chuy since she was fifteen and their mother died during childbirth. She’s lived a life of struggling to make ends meet but she finally finds a way out of the bad side of town in a suspiciously well priced house out in the suburbs. Moving herself and her brother out there they land themselves in a neighbourhood that seems welcoming on the surface but proves to be anything but.

It’s a story about cultures and ways of life clashing on common ground. About how the privileged can lose sight of the struggles of those less fortunate and rather focus on what’s only convenient for them. About the unfathomable resilience of lower class people and the unbreakable spirit of the outsiders.
In order for it to become a reality the project needs as many votes as it can get so go on ahead to Storyhive and cast your vote for “Suburbicide” daily until April 6th.


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