Strangers | Drama Thriller Short Film | Los Angeles, CA

Strangers is a short modern drama/thriller about a woman caught in an abusive marriage and a lesbian affair. Wishing to start over after overcoming what appeared to be an insurmountable obstacle early on in their relationship, Brooke and Ethan move from the city in order to enjoy the quiet comforts of suburbia. The move provided enough distraction for the couple to convince themselves their broken marriage was on the mend. However, the couple soon finds out that the suburbs also have their own distractions. As the couple drifts further apart, the suburban paradise they bought reveals itself to be anything but. For Brooke, the house has become a violent prison where her independence, confidence, and self-worth have been torn away. As time goes on, this way of life becomes the new norm for her. That is, until she stumbles across her counterpart in another person, Emma.

For Ethan, the home serves as a constant reminder of everything he gave up to fix his marriage. Furthermore, he starts to suspect Brooke of infidelity while he is at work, leading to stronger resentment of the marriage and self-hate. Occasionally, they are able to recapture some of the precious moments that were present at the beginning of the relationship. However, the moments are short-lived: a game where two truly unhappy people play pretend. One person who could see through the game and the lies was Emma.

Sensing Brooke was in need of a friend, Emma was happy to be one for her. It was the first time since the move that Brooke had something she yearned for: an ally. As Brooke’s friendship with Emma blossomed, tensions in the house with Ethan boiled. As he became more abusive and more controlling, Brooke and Emma found themselves having to hide their friendship. With that secret, brought intimacy between them, and with that intimacy, brought a desire for the two to start their own life together.


The first independent production of Eleven Entertainment – ‘Strangers’ was shot in Los Angeles, CA in October of 2017 with cast and crew from primarily from Pittsburgh; Louisville; and France. Principal photography has been wrapped and the film is currently going through the final stages of post production before being submitted to festivals. We are looking for some last minute backing to help fund the score, sound mixing, and festival entry fees. Perks start at $5 and every little bit helps our production. Thank you for considering our film!




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