STAY | Psychological Romantic Thriller Feature Film | Sherman Oaks, CA

We had a vision, we didn’t have funds but we had a lot of passion and we decided to do it on our own. Like many filmmakers we work with what we have because we love what we do. The result of that passion is my team’s film “STAY” and we’re proud that it has received the acclaim that it has. With less than $10,000 in capital we made a 90 minute feature that has gone on to win Best Feature at NiFF, Best Actor in a Feature at SCiFF and The Grand Jury Prize at SOFF. Being called a “Damn fine production all around” & “One to follow” by ReelRomp and “Easily a well above average film” by IndyRED.

Now we find ourselves at the hardest hurdle for a filmmaker… we have a solid product but now we need to get it onto your television (computer? Ipad? Device?) and distribution is… well for lack of a better word a “bitch.” We were approached by some recognizable distribution companies, but we were small fish to them and their contracts didn’t benefit us. We were approached by smaller companies that promised us so much that we couldn’t believe them because they didn’t have the experience to back it up. Now we’re doing self-distribution because why not! Right now we have a campaign open on Indiegogo offering Blu-Rays, and “I support indie film” tee shirts. This is phase one for us, if you’re willing, check it out, share it (This is huge) and if you like what we’re putting out grab an incentive. However, if you miss the film now, I hope you have a chance to check it out in the coming year when we move to digital through Distribber and put our film on xbox, playstation, amazon, iTunes.

Thanks for giving us your time and please support indie film, the good karma will only come back to you!

Christopher James Cramer
Honor, LLC


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