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Star of David | War Short Film | Los Angeles, CA

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
– George Santayana

Out of the many things that came out of World War Two, the war gave rise to tales about courage, loyalty, and loss. One of those stories is now the basis for Star of David, the short film which we hope to create and bring to life.

Belgium 1945. War in the European Theatre is over. Lee, a Jewish-American soldier, finds himself in a new kind of battle. This time, against US immigration laws as he tries to smuggle his long-lost cousin out of Europe and to the safety of America. The only thing stronger than his loyalty to his country, is his loyalty to his family. And through his new fight, Lee realizes the cost of the land of the free.

Because of the United States’ current political climate, and the position the government has taken towards immigration, Star of David acts as a cautionary tale. As policies become increasingly xenophobic, they mirror those created nearly eighty years ago. Do we not remember? Are we condemned to make the same mistakes? This story is not just stating the facts about the war. It’s a commentary about the nearly 300,000 Jewish refugees who were deemed national security risks because of their religion and refused asylum in America during the 1930s and 40s.

In a country with a separation between church and state, laws are still being created under the basis of religion. Star of David is more than pertinent to today’s world and forces people to look inwards and reflect on themselves and their convictions. Although this story is centered around a controversial topic, we aim to put the conversation back into people’s mouths. Our history is rich with debate and with people speaking their minds for what they believe in. We are truly passionate about sharing our message of love, loyalty, and tolerance through this film.

At the helm is Sydney and Stevi, as writer/producer and director. Recently, Stevi wrote and directed, and Sydney produced, a short film which will be screening at the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences in early May 2018. With Star of David, they look to break the mold for women in film.

To learn more, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at StarOfDavidFilm to keep up to date with the status of production, and learn how you can donate or help us create this ambitious project before the crowdfunding campaign is launched! For any other inquiries, shoot us an email at!



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