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Sow | Alternative Apocalyptic Short Film | England, SXW

‘It has been seven years since the world fell, each of us in our own way became broken… The roads are peopled by gangs carrying weapons, looking for fuel and food. When cities fell, people looked to the nothingness for refuge. All wilderness now offered is full of deranged chanting… People have reason to be afraid of the dark’

Sow follows a group living in a woodland home, they do not dare go out when the soot comes and most importantly do not let anything in.

This short film is nearing the stage to begin a crowdfunding campaign which is really exciting times for the project! If you love the post apocalyptic genre and crave properties like The Last of Us, Girl with all the Gifts and the recent Annihilation then Sow is the project that is for you! Please support our project, like our page through social media and sign up to our newsletters to gain special access to moments in the project before anyone else!


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