Someone’s Watching | Horror Short Film | Greater London, Essex

As a group of students end an intense day of filming tensions run high and the group fracture throughout the forest as a mysterious and dark force preys on their most intense fears. The pride of a young student director clashes directly with the frustration of one of his lead actors whilst the other lead attempts to curtail their hyper-masculine posturing. The fallout of this argument forces the rest of the cast and crew to search throughout the forest whilst something else is watching them.

Someone’s Watching is a new short horror film which explores the questions of why precisely we are so intrigued by the horror genre. This question is asked explicitly by the director of a student film. His eclectic cast made up by a diverse range of characters all respond to this question in entirely different ways. Do we watch an escape? Do we watch as catharsis against those that we dislike in real life? Or do we simply watch to see scared girls run so their boobs bounce around?

Ranging from the philosophical to the comedic Someone’s Watching takes an in depth look at how a variety of people respond to the presence of immense threat and intense fear. It simultaneously interrogates the audience as to why they have a desire to be frightened and disturbed by the media they consume.

Someone’s Watching was first conceived as a summer project amongst a group of friends enthusiastic about filmmaking on a micro budget. The idea of horror seemed alluring given it’s almost paradoxical place amongst contemporary culture. It is both a media that is consumed in vast quantities but simultaneously one that routinely forces people to look away and to not watch. Having the natural beauty of a forest nearby was a wonderful asset providing us with visuals that were both intoxicating and eery as we played with the early evening light with our DSLR camera. The stillness and majesty of the natural life proved a perfect juxtaposition for the animalistic brutality of our film which formed a perfect reflection of the human paradox.

Filming took place primarily through two weeks in mid-August 2017 with shoots sporadically until Easter 2018 as to capture the changing light and colours in the forest throughout its varied seasons which morph it into an entirely different landscape. We aim for a late 2018 release as editing and creation of an original score continue.

Follow our progress in creating a film on the Instagram account @someonefilm.



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